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Stop the inhumane use of Gas Chambers to kill animals!

Carbon Monoxide Chambers are the preferred method of euthanizing homeless pets here in Texas.  It takes anywhere from twenty to forty-five minutes for an animal to die in the chamber, and sometimes animals survive their first round only to be placed in the chamber again.  Unlike euthanasia injections which first makes an animal unconcious, and then kills them within 2 to 5 minutes, carbon monoxide poisioning puts animals into a panic due to the confinement and the hissing noise, followed by the awful smell and the dizziness they experience.  The poison then begins to shut down an animal's organs first, before they lose consciousness, making the animal suffer until it's final moments.  The majority of animal shelters and pounds will put as many as 18 animals into a chamber at one time, and will sometimes even put dogs and cats into a chamber together.  This is NOT humane or ethical by any means.  Our pets are loyal, loving, and forgiving, unlike alot of humans, and they are being completely disregarded.  This method of killing homeless pets is not acceptable and is causing public outrage all across the nation.  Due to a recent story, "Daniel the Beagle", people are now becoming aware that their taxes are paying for this cruel act.  Many shelter workers will even say that they would rather hold an animal and comfort them in their final moments in life, not throw them into a gas chamber.  This is unacceptable for convicted murderers and child molesters to tolerate, yet by allowing this continue, we are saying that it is acceptable for our beloved  pets to experience.  The cost of carbon monoxide is actually cheaper than Euthanasia Injection, and the biggest concern is paperwork and a veterinarian's time.  Why not create more jobs where veterinarians no longer have to deal with the injections and paperwork, why not allow jobs to open where people do the paperwork and tracking of the injections, and why not allow all of the workers to go through the proper training to become a certified Euthanasia Technician?  In society today, our pets are becoming more and more important, because they are not just pets anymore, but family.  Lets make Texas the 20th state to ban the use of Gas Chambers and be a voice for these animals.  Lets do the right thing.

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Stop the use of Gas Chambers to kill animals!

In some states it is still legal or animal shelters and dog pounds to put dozens of animals into a gas chamber as a way of killing them! I am aware that the shelters and pounds are completely overran with animals who were put out on the street and there is just no way to have room for them all, but does that mean that putting an animal in a gas chamber is humane? It is sick and disgusting. Animals are loveable, affectionate, and forgiving! We don't even let MURDERERS be put to death in such an inhumane way. PLEASE stop this!! Animals don't deserve this.


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