Respect student's privacy and stop the use of intrusive proctoring software

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As the fall semester continues online, reports of the implementation of an invasive proctoring software are being sent out to students. The software will be able to:

  • Capture images of student's faces and private homes, as well as take screenshots of the student's computer screen
  • Know the computer's IP addresses and addresses of web connections made while the application is running
  • All file system activity within the CoMaS folder and on the Desktop
  • The computer's MAC address

All of these things are an invasion of privacy. The implementation of this will cause students to:

  • Aquire webcams, hardware, and faster internet. Causing an issue for students with strained resources
  • Install closed source software they may not trust and that may not support their current operating system
  • Give up privacy with little power to refuse
  • Stay in constant view of the camera and restrict "suspicious" body movements, which can lead to anxiety and stress

We ask Carleton University to:

  • Stop the use of proctoring techniques that invade privacy and gather private information on student's files and browser history
  • Stop the use of video capture to monitor students' movement during an examination

The University has stated that they are doing what they can to ease the transition to online learning. Please, respect the basic privacy rights of students and stop the use of this software.