Let's get the Worrell Reserve Masterplan (Skatepark for Emerald!) across the line!

Let's get the Worrell Reserve Masterplan (Skatepark for Emerald!) across the line!

1 February 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by EVER Victoria

Worrell Reserve (the recreational land around the Hills Hub in the heart of Emerald) has developed a masterplan prior to the opening of the Hills Hub, which includes a Multi Use Recreation Space, including a SKATEPARK.  This is in recognition of the lack of provision for social or “non-competitive” sports activities, as well aspassive recreation. The disused netball court area provides an opportunity for a multi-use recreation space oriented to a range of ages. 

The pandemic lockdown, with the inability to travel outside of 5km's has painfully hilighted the lack of such a recreation space for Emerald's youth. The mental health of our Emerald community suffered unnecessarily due to this. Local health professionals have endorsed the urgent implementation of the park as indicated in the Worrell Reserve Masterplan. 

The time frame of the planned structure is not known at this stage, and there is currently no funding finalised. The time to push for this funding to be moved forward to the upcoming financial year is now, and we need you signatures to move it forward. 

Why does Emerald need a skatepark and youth area urgently?

*For the mental health and well-being of our local kids (no skatepark within 5kms, and kids making ad hoc ramps all over the place).

*Improves physical well-being, fitness, creativity, stress management, reduces screen time, and counteracts childhood obesity.

*non competitive sports space

*the adjoining kick about/green space is wonderful for all ages

*complements the Hills Hub area and creates an attractive centrepiece for the town

*removes the derelict eyesore of the existing netball courts and disused clubhouse

*Plans are already in place

*support from council agencies is already in place "So... your end game was always to advocate for Worrell Reserve Masterplan implementation. That is still our goal as well and we will continue to do our part to see if we can bring the detailed design and construction of the proposed youth recreation facility/skatepark forward in Council’s capital works budget." 

Without your signature, this process could take 8-10 years (like the Cockatoo Pump track), do your kids want to wait that long? 


This petition made change with 912 supporters!

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