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Capilano University: Save the Studio Art and Textile Arts Programs


Due to the University's deficit from government cuts, the Studio Art and Textile Arts programs will close!  These programs greatly influence the art and culture of North Vancouver, the University community and beyond.In support of arts education, please sign and share this petition.

Letter to
Premier Christy Clark
Board Resourcing & Development Office Mr. Brent Leigh
Board Resourcing & Development Office Ms. Shelley McDade
and 22 others
Vice Chair - Board Resourcing & Development Office Ms. Geri Prior
Board Resourcing & Development Office Ms. Jane Shackell
Coordinator Jazz Studies Program Grace McNab
Chair - Board Resourcing & Development Office Mr. Barry W. Chambers
Board Resourcing & Development Office Mr. J. Blair Simonite
Education Minister Amrik Virk
Opposition Education Critic David Eby
West Vancouver-Capilano MLA Ralph Sultan
Board Resourcing & Development Office Ms. Sonja Lebans
Board Resourcing & Development Office Dr. Robin C. Brayne
Head of Department, Studio Arts Sandra Ferens
Kris Bulcroft, President Capilano University
Vice President Bill Gibson
Vice President International Programs Cathrine Vertesi
Dean of Arts and Sciences Dr. Robert Campbell
Dean, Faculty of Business Graham Fane
Dean, Faculty of Health and Education Jean Bennett
Dean, Faculty of Fince and Applied Arts Jennifer Moore
Dean, Faculty of Tourism Outdoor Dr. Chris Bottrill
University Librarian Grace Makarewicz
Registrar Karen McCredie
MLA Lower Lonsdale Naomi Yamamoto
The Studio Art students at Capilano University are deeply upset and angered by the decision to cut the program without consultation, option or discussion. As an institution that promotes "transparency and an ethic of fairness", we feel that these values have been broken.

There are many of us who want to graduate with our diploma, and we still need 1st and 2nd year courses to do that. Further to this, we do not want to see the department close. Studio Art has a legacy of running excellent programming for 40 years, with wonderful instructors, staff and technicians who are dedicated and committed to us, our personal education, growth and development.

This program serves the North Shore community and beyond. It is specific. We do not want one option for art education and we question the University's "commitment to our communities" stated in its list of values. Studio Art and Textiles offer a unique hands-on experience that is difficult to find at any other institution in Vancouver. They also have specialized facilities including the bronze foundry and the digital loom that are incredibly rare in Canadian post-secondary institutions.

We understand government cut backs, and we believe that eliminating arts programming is not the solution. Our classes serve students, faculty and staff from many departments. Art production and creativity permeate this campus. Imagine no art at Capilano University.

In order to create a real community and an environment for collective decision making, we ask that you reconsider your decision and open a dialogue with our department faculty, staff and students. We demand our voices be heard.

A campus and a world without art is bleak and sad to imagine. A community will not cut off what nourishes its soul - it will find a way to empower and support it.

Your Students

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