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Terence J. Rotolo as Frank West for Dead Rising 4!

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Hey, if you've found your way to this page I'm going to assume you're a fan of killing thousands of zombies in various malls, casinos, towns, and cities. That's good fun and all but what happens when you find out you're going back to where it all started with the guy who started it all? You might get excited, right? Well, I was too until some things started to seem... off... After seeing the man himself for the first time in awhile he didn't quite look like Frank West which didn't bother me all that much. He kinda resembled him I guess. I'm not here to talk about the look of the character as much as I am to talk about the voice. After watching some of the gameplay for Dead Rising 4 my excitement for the game dropped quite a bit when Frank spoke and I realized they replaced T.J. Rotolo as Frank West! Maybe if enough people want the original one and only Frank West back we can make it happen.

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