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Terence J. Rotolo as Frank West. FIX FRANK WEST'S FACE. AND HIS VOICE. (Dead Rising 4)

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{NOTICE: this petition is a friendly fan input. With no aggressive or negative intent. Passionate and sleep deprived artists are behind this working title; but as such, must hold the integrity of the product before reaping the respect that comes from it.}

The Request

"Dear Capcom Vancouver,

While we appreciate you bringing the character Frank West back to his iconic role, we don't feel as though he's truly returned. Dead Rising fans, like myself, loved TJ Rotolo in his iconic video game role because of how much personality he had. TJ performed beyond expectations for a main character in a zombie-killing video game and made Frank West an iconic character in the modern gaming community.

We, as Dead Rising fans, don't feel like Frank is returning to true form. If it's possible, and it is because Capcom did the same months before release, please return Frank to true form by casting TJ Rotolo as the lead role. We feel that he's more up to the job than the current actor, though we do respect his pedigree and acting skills. If you're going to make a Dead Rising game with Frank West, TJ Rotolo needs to return.

Indiana Jones can't be done without Harrison Ford. John McClane can't be done without Bruce Willis. Frank West can't return without TJ Rotolo.

Dead Rising fans" ~ From a contributor.


Frank west's design is fairly off in this installment. A difference that is not associated with a time gap; but rather, a design inconsistency. Most discrepancies lie in the profile shots; which show blatant, yet subtle flaws in design. Yet he retains his hair line and the general shape of his nose; which play optical illusions when everything else fails to represent him.

  1. [ORIGINAL - Visual]         
  2. Older appearance - The zombie selfie:       
  3. Older appearance - Profile shot:

TJ Rotolo is the only choice. No matter what is written; frank's voice is well established among fans. Changing his voice, would defeat the purpose of his return -- because it would not be him.

 [ORIGINAL - Voice]


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