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Design Left-Handed Cameras

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My name is Sylvia and I am writing this as someone who is disabled and is also left-handed, and I am asking for a reconsideration for the development of left-handed cameras.  I suffered from a brachial plexus injury at birth that caused complete paralysis of my right arm, which also caused my arm to never fully develop.  Living in a world that mainly caters to those who are right-handed and have use of both their arms is not easy. I never let my disability get the best of me, but there are times when some things are tough to do.  

Photography is my passion and nothing makes me happier than capturing the world through photographs.  However, only being able to use my left arm to operate my camera can be quite difficult, and often times I feel frusterated. A couple of examples of the challenges I experience while using my camera are: Using the shutter and the settings buttons. The majority of the buttons and dials are located on the right side of the camera and certain shots require quick adjustments. This would not be a problem if I had the ability to use my other arm but I don't.  I have to lower my camera and reach over to the other side to adjust my settings. This has caused me to miss many photo opportunities. Another challenge is the discomfort of gripping the camera while taking a photo.  It's awkward for me and it's difficult to position the camera for a straight shot. It saddens me that my disability prevents me from fully enjoying what I love.

I decided to contact Canon Inc. to explain to them how much I love their products and that I am wanting to upgrade my camera from the Rebel T3i model to the 5D Mark III model because I want to pursue photography professionally.  I also explained to them my situation and the struggles I experience and asked if there was a possibility for the development of left-handed cameras and how it would greatly benefit people like me.  Their response was disappointing. I was told that they do not intend on making left-handed cameras and suggested that I look into their Power Shot line. I was offended by this suggestion because their Power Shot line is a downgrade from the current camera I own and not geared towards someone who is aspiring to become a professional photographer.  I felt as if everything I said was disregarded and I felt discriminated against because it seems that the concerns of people who are disabled are looked over.  It made me lose hope that Canon genuinely cares about their consumers. 

There may not be a great majority of left-handed photographers in the world, (or photographers who are left-handed like me due to a disability) but we do exist and our voices matter, too. I believe that we deserve the ability to enjoy photography just as easily and comfortably as other photographers do. I am aware that there are devices out there that can offer assistance with operating a camera, which is wonderful, but, still, why can't left-handed cameras exist?  I believe that companies should really listen to their consumers and take people of different abilities into consideration when designing their products and make it so no one feels limited when using them.  I understand from a business standpoint that it would cost Canon to redesign some of their camera products, if they chose to create left-handed cameras, but there would still be a profit to be made.  Regardless, it shouldn't always be about the profit.  It should be about the consumers and what a company can do to help better their lives.

Please sign this petition asking Canon to reconsider the idea of the development of left-handed cameras.  It would bring me such joy if this can be achieved and it would give me hope that companies do care about their consumers.


Thank you.

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