Let Hotbox apply for a cannabis license ... No more lottery!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!

Ontario has now run 2 insane cannabis retail lotteries. No other business gets business license in this random fashion. Why does cannabis ? 

the lottery system breeds corruption, regulatory loop holes, and worst of all it has no merit based need for entry. Instead of operators who not only have experience in cannabis education, quality control & public health and safety.

We have a pool of retailers with no to little experience, and a motivation of the imagined cash cow cannabis is.

lets open the application process like any other business.

Hotbox , has been open serving the cannabis community for 19 years. Our founder Abi Roach, is a well respected advocate and trusted cannabis advisor to policy makers, the media, businesses and the public. We have never been raided, arrested or even ticketed. We have always had public safety and best practices at the heart of our core business philosophy.

all we ask for, is a proper application, to be included in the legalization we helped create.