Ontario Craft Cannabis License

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On October 17th 2018, Canada legalized Cannabis which changed a ton of our rights and laws. One positive thing it gave us here in Ontario is the opportunity to grow 4 Cannabis plants per residence. What this petition is about is Ontario implementing a "Craft Cannabis growing License" which will allow companies and persons to grow over the set amount under the already instated Micro cultivation laws. 

We are already in a Cannabis shortage here in Canada and allowing craft growers similar to craft breweries to cultivate a set amount can decrease the shortage, increase quality, create jobs, and over all increase profits.  As it is here in Ontario we have a couple options when growing within the legal laws; Grow the legal limit of 4 plants, Invest hundreds of thousands or even millions in hopes to successfully obtain a Micro Cultivation licence, or find a way to get a government issued medical card.

Craft Growers can setup a small local business, hire a handful of local employees and produce Cannabis for the local dispensaries within its municipalities, which will create local competitive prices. They will still need to follow all testing procedures to ensure consumer safety but It's a total win win for the provincial government. Better quality Cannabis, higher pricing, locally grown. 

Summary : 

What we're hoping a Craft License will correct is the guys who make false illness statements to obtain a ACMPR to grow upwards of 50 Plants and resell on these "Grey-market websites". For Cannabis to work here in Ontario I believe the government needs to open up the licensing or implement a new system. Anyone who wants to apply to become a Craft Grower will go through an application process. All licensee will have to take quality control measures to ensure the safety of their craft product. Local dispensaries will then be allow to purchase passed local products. This way local and provincial government wins.

With how the laws are setup in Ontario, the provincial government controls the quality and quantities based on how well a store preforms and I don't know if anyone has done some research on the products being sold but.... 1 word poor.

Lets share this Petition and allow Ontario citizens the right to grow within the industry.

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