Dragon Booster TV series: Campaign for more Episodes

Dragon Booster TV series: Campaign for more Episodes

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The fans of the TV series Dragon Booster would like to show their enthusiastic support for the show and encourage the broadcasters to order more episodes to keep the series going.

This ground-breaking series has been honoured with a Gemini award for Best Animated Program or Series, and this is a testament to the quality of the program. And the series has only continued to improve since it has been in production.

Shows like Dragon Booster don't come along very often. Not only does it have a unique visual style, but there are few western-made animated series that provide the level of depth with a continuing story line and actual character development as Dragon Booster does. This has spurred a loyal fan following that encompasses a wide range of viewers. Few animated shows have appeal outside a limited target audience, yet Dragon Booster appeals to both boys and girls, men and women, in countries all around the world. These are people who want something more than the usual banal cartoon where the episodes are all unrelated and the characters never evolve. Because of this, Dragon Booster brings in viewers to your networks who might not otherwise watch.

And with the rich setting that has been created, there are a great many avenues that the show can explore to keep it interesting and fresh- another aspect to the show that has attracted so many viewers, is this great depth of lore that comes with the series. Among the possibilities are episodes going back to the first Dragon-Human war, more stories involving some of the other crews such as the Prophets and the Mechanists, developing personalities of the dragons to a greater extent and having them participate in even more of the sotires, uncovering the fate of characters like Zulay, and so on.

We also encourage Jetix, Toon Disney and the ABC Family Channel to begin airing the show in widescreen. Dragon Booster is produced in widescreen and that is how it is meant to look its best. The show is aired in Canada and Australia in widescreen and there is no reason it can't be aired that way in the US as well. DVDs of the series should also be released in widescreen as well.

We wholeheartedly encourage the broadcasters to order more episodes to put this great series back on air with new episodes. Despite being such a long time, there are still many fans of this show still around and hoping against all odds for the return of this amazing series. There is a large Wiki dedicated to the series, various large forums and websites as well, with people still actively campaigning for new episodes in the series. This campaign was originally started a long while ago on a site that recently shut down; a screenshot from the original campaign, with 14,000+ signatures is included here: http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m259/bluesonic1/Dragon%20Booster/db_petition.png~original

Please bring back Dragon Booster!!