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Petitioning Canada's Minister of Health, Leona Aglukkaq

Fund research into Neuroimmune Diseases, and Education of health workers,

The public and the medical community have ignored or misdiagnosed neuroimmune diseases for too long, leaving patients to suffer alone at home. Neuroimmune diseases include Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Lyme Disease, Gulf War Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and many more. These diseases not only destroy the patient's life as he or she knew it before getting sick, but they deeply affect the whole family, as the person with the disease is often bedridden & the disease can last for years or decades. The patient also has to suffer the insult and hurt of some of the public's misinformation, and is not believed to be sick, but either "faking it "or being lazy or depressed. (complete exhaustion can "look like" depression).These diseases are also often referred to as "Invisible Diseases" because the person may not appear disabled when in fact they are. These diseases have existed for decades and been denied, misdiagnosed and ignored, causing additional pain to the sufferer. We demand a campaign of public education, and education of Doctors, Health Workers, and Medical Students. We also demand that funds be allocated for reseach into Neuroimmune Diseases. Most of these diseases are chronic, as no cause or cure has yet been found. There is research happening all over the world; why not in Canada ? There has been $2 million allocated in B.C. for a research and care facility, announced in March 2012. What about the rest of the country ? Sufferers are scattered all over Canada and most cannot find a Doctor with any knowledge of their illness. We are isolated and ignored, and we refuse to accept this. We are severely ill, disabled, losing jobs, spouses, friends, negatively affecting the economy, and some have either died or resorted to suicide to end their suffering. We will not accept the status quo any more. Remember that many diseases, for example MS, went through the same process as some of us, being told it was "all in your head", simply because medical research had not "figured it out yet". Please sign the petition and demand that the Government take the lead on this issue. End the suffering and the deaths and help us regain some quality of life. Don't let us be misdiagnosed, insulted or ignored any more. Thank-you.

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  • Canada's Minister of Health, Leona Aglukkaq

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