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Campbell Newman: don't allow our iconic surf beach to be destroyed by a casino and cruise ship development

It's one of the best beaches in the world. Kirra beach on the Gold Coast is iconic and beautiful -- but now it's at risk of being sold to a developer and ripped up for a cruise terminal and casino.

The proposal would take a kilometer of beach away, with surfers -- and the thousands of ordinary families who’ve been here for decades -- denied access. It's unbelievable to think that the government would even consider allowing this to go ahead on such a pristine and loved holidaying spot.

Beaches are public places. They're meant to belong to all Australians, not be ripped up so developers can earn billions off them.

Our community is fighting this proposal with everything we've got. Surfing champion Mick Fanning who grew up learning to surf in the area is also backing the campaign:

 “My favourite wave in the world is Kirra… and I’m not the only surfer that feels that way. So when I heard about the proposed cruise ship terminal my first thought was we’re going to lose one of the greatest surf destinations on earth. This development is wrong on so many levels…"

Stripping a kilometre of beach away would destroy surfing in the area and all the businesses that rely on it -- but more than that, the pollution and erosion will no doubt have a huge impact on the marine life and beautiful coastline we all enjoy so much.

These are irreplaceable beaches. Once they're gone, they're gone forever.

We still have an opportunity to save Kirra and Bilinga beaches from the development. Last time a proposal like this was floated we rallied together and forced the developer to back away -- now we need to do it again.

Please sign our petition to save our Gold Coast beaches -- and stop them being decimated for a private casino development.


Letter to
Premier Campbell Newman
The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland
The petition of citizens of Queensland, citizens of Australia and concerned persons abroad, draws to the attention of the House the proposal by Leda Holdings Pty Ltd to acquire and privatise one kilometre of public open space and the public beaches of Kirra and Bilinga, and one kilometre out of ocean adjacent to the beaches, for the purpose of constructing a cruise terminal and major resort development with a casino, residential and commercial premises. Kirra and Bilinga beaches belong to all Australians and their alienation by a development company for private profit is highly unusual, defies majority community concern and is inherently contrary to the custom and community interests in Australia - the custom that beaches are accessible to all citizens and visitors, that they are free and belong to the people, not private persons or companies.
Your petitioners therefore request the House to reject this proposal outright, and protect the public open space, beaches and foreshores of the southern Gold Coast including Kirra and Bilinga beaches from alienation and privatisation by a commercial interest company. Your petitioners also request that a precedent be set and that it be legislated by the government, that prevents such development proposals from ever becoming reality, and that the public beaches and surf breaks on the Gold Coast be granted to the people of Queensland and Australia as free, public, undeveloped amenity and spaces in perpetuity.

Principal Petitioner: Jim Wilson of Save Our Southern Beaches Alliance, P.O Box 344, Elanora Queensland 4221

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