Petition for the Cameroonian Government to #FreeRebecca

Petition for the Cameroonian Government to #FreeRebecca

12 August 2021
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Started by AfriLabs

AfriLabs calls for the release of Rebecca Enonchong

The AfriLabs community is alarmed by the news of our Board Chair, Rebecca Enonchong being held illegally by the Cameroonian Government at the Gendarmerie Legion in Douala. This is a blatant disregard for the rule of law. The information available to us indicates that there was neither an arrest warrant nor charges levelled against her.

We are disappointed with the Cameroonian Government on this development and we strongly ask they #FreeRebecca.

Africa will only be great if we prioritise justice as a people. Rebecca is a valuable member of the innovation community in Africa and constantly lends her voice to support progressive causes on the continent and criticise governments’ bad policies. We refuse to accept this show of unlawfulness by the Cameroonian Government.

The AfriLabs community and partners are calling out to all well-meaning individuals and organisations from everywhere in the world to join their voices in requesting that the Cameroonian Government #FreeRebecca.

Please sign this petition and share it to keep the Cameroonian Government under pressure to do the right thing, which in this case is to #FreeRebecca.


This petition made change with 1,524 supporters!

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