Resignation of Midland ISD Superintendent: Orlando Riddick

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Midland community members are requesting for the resignation of Orlando Riddick, Midland Independent School District Superintendent in Midland, Texas. After nearly a year of leadership, Mr. Riddick has failed to optimally perform in the following areas, which are a part of his contractual obligations as the head of schools MISD. In addition to his resignation, we are requesting the removal of specific leaders and employees of under his authority, which are tied to the collapse of leadership and school administration under Mr. Riddick. 

MASS EXODUS- Over 500 employees, are leaving the district because of poor working environment, corrupt leadership and student discipline. Reports have been made to administration, community members and groups regarding egregious examples of lack of support and disregard for teacher and employee concerns. Current and past employees have substantiated these claims under anonymity, for fear of retaliation from campus administration and district leaders. Their mass exodus is symptomatic of systemic failure. 

SCHOOL SAFETY-Numerous pleas have been made to clearly update current safety policies and effectively implement these changes in the following areas: School bullying, Student Discipline, Community/Parent Communication, Student Safety  and Inappropriate Teacher Behavior. In a veiled attempt to appease the community's request, the School Board and those leaders serving under Mr. Riddick made no real or quantifiable progress towards meeting the appeal. 

CORRUPT LEADERSHIP- Several leaders under Mr. Riddick’s leadership have numerous  reports from district employees and community members that substantiate the claim: failure to perform job responsibilities. 

DISTRUST FROM THE COMMUNITY- Parents are continually disappointed in his refusal to communicate with them. No return phone calls or emails. No communication about serious safety issues (like a crossing guard being arrested for sexual assault of a child). His general lack of respect for all parents, teachers, and community members. Another instance being the complete disregard and refusal to communicate with the mother of an 8 year old child who was physically, psychologically, and sexually assaulted by another child. Once being made aware of the proof of an actual police record stating the circumstances were in fact true. Mr. Riddick proceeded to remove the mother from the last board meeting. 

POOR COMMUNICATION-  A special needs mother reached out to Mr. Riddick. After several attempts to get a meeting with him, it took the US Office of Civil Rights contacting his office for her to finally get a meeting. Even with the meeting, MISD, is still planning on keeping a paraprofessional that was recorded on video moving her special needs child with multiple disabilities along the floor with her foot. Mr. Riddick and MISD employees are keeping her at the same high school at the front office to answer phones. They refuse to terminate the employee, therefore the parents are continuing to seek answers with TEA and private counsel. 

Prior to the request, Mr. Riddick was given numerous opportunities to rectify our concerns and make progress toward meeting the goals set forth by the community at large. He has willfully disregarded community input and student needs to save his position and those serving under him.