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Our lives have been artificially filled with products made from oil and coal that are responsible for polluting out environment and placing our very lives at risk in a variety of ways.  Our nation has taken a series of positive steps in the right direction towards eliminating pollution, and toxic chemicals from our ecosystems, but we have not attacked the source.  That source is petroleum and coal.

It is important that we as a nation utilize to the utmost the safest and most sustainable raw materials in the making of our consumable goods.

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President of the United States
Our country is faced with an enormous problem.

The need to wean our dependence from oil and coal has been neglected for over 40 years by our need for countless industrial products made from byproducts of petroleum and coal. Over many decades the pollution caused by the release of carcinogenic agents and toxic chemicals has seen further incidence of cancer, birth defects and disease in all classes of our society. Our dependence on oil and coal does not just stop with energy. The need for paper, clothing, fuel, building materials, medicine, plastics and countless other items means that we must find another source of raw materials in order to continue to manufacture these products.

Hemp is the most versitile plant on earth. It is used to manufacture all of these products, plus many many more. The hemp that is used for industry contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive ingredient THC which is found in pot. It is not enough to get high on and if you try all you will get is a headache.

Yet the U.S. Government and the DEA say that hemp is off limits. Why?

Congress needs to know that americans are ready to grow hemp again. They need to know that we need biodegradable, and environmentally safe and durable products made from hemp, and not oil and coal byproducts. Our dependence on goods made from oil and coal must end along with our dependence on fossil fuels.

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