Support Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry

Support Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry

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We the Citizens of California and communities outside of California are signing in support of the continuation of Angel Island Tiburon Ferry’s (AITF), contract with the California Department of Parks and Recreation.  

California State Parks is now reviewing bids for a new concessionaire to provide ferry service for the Tiburon / Angel Island Ferry Route.  The current proposed State Parks contract would exclude the incumbent Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry and Captain Maggie McDonogh from bidding on the contract due to increased financial requirements. These confiscatory terms would limit access of the public to the Island due to increased ticket pricing to the wealthy segment of society. Parks are for the people not just the select few.

We respectfully ask that Governor Jerry Brown and California State Parks Director Lisa Mangat review this petition and note the amount of community members who have signed on in support of this last family owned and operated ferry business on the San Francisco Bay.

The minimum requirements are (but not limited to):

1.      The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) will require AITF to build a separate ramp for two state owned vessels that transports state personnel even though they currently share AITF's ADA (American with Disability Act) approved ramp in Tiburon.  The approximate cost of this requirement to service only State park personnel would be 1.8 million dollars for the initial build and if financed over the term of 20 years could result a minimum 3.5 million .

2.      The DPR requires a CPI (Consumer Price Index) increase that could lead to upwards of a 75% rental increase( or potentially more dependent on the rate of inflation) over the life of the contract (based on historical ridership numbers). The CPI requirement would not be tied to actual passenger travel and would result in accelerated fares for the public.

3.      The DPR will require AITF to maintain the DPR’s float and ramp, which are currently in disrepair and used by numerous other vessels.  Additionally, this requirement is ambiguous since they are stating not only the float and ramp but the entire waiting area and restrooms be maintained with out limitation. Resulting in unknown costs that will be passed onto the visitor.

4.      The DPR will require AITF to relinquish their family owned facilities and property in Tiburon to DPR at the end of the contract or if terminated by default.

5.      The DPR is requesting a 20 year contract while their own consultants have stated 10 years or less due to their being no need for AITF to secure a long term contract to depreciate any capital investments as they already have the equipment needed to provide the service.

The sample proposed contract can be seen here: 

We believe AITF provides and will continue to provide the most frequent, greenest and best service, free of subsidy.  We know AITF is a small business and AITF works hard to keep costs down so all may enjoy Angel Island.  Larger carriers may have a larger profit margin and as such may not focus primarily on the public’s best interest.

Angel Island Tiburon Ferry and the McDonogh family have been an integral part in the history of Angel Island, as they have provided transportation and a multitude of services to and from the Island for 5 generations over 140 years.   

According to the 2012 Feasibility Report (the Dornbusch Report), commissioned by California State Parks, the public is best served by Angel Island Tiburon Ferry, and we believe that it is in the public’s best interest to maintain this relationship.

AITF boats are an essential element to public safety of our community, especially in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. Angel Island Tiburon Ferry’s ability to evacuate people and transport supplies is demonstrated in the 2008 Angel Island fire, as AITF was able to quickly mobilize and evacuate campers, while simultaneously carrying over fire fighters and equipment to the emergency site.

The Angel Island Tiburon Ferry is a woman and family owned business with a 100% Marin based employee pool and is an essential part of our community and integral piece of our State’s history. 

Through hard work ,integrity and a sense of community, The McDonoghs have come to symbolize the American Dream. They are living threads of a social fabric that not only holds the community together but has helped shape great parts of California as we appreciate it today.

five generations of have lived and breathed as ferry operators, sharing with countless visitors natural and splendor and historical facts. This trove of generational knowledge cannot be disconnected or it will be lost. WE have learned time and again that the importance of safeguarding and cherishing  that which is rare and unique. Now is the time to safeguard this living history and preserve it for future generations.

We sign this letter in support of our request that the Department of Parks and Recreation work in earnest to renew a contract that is viable over the long term with AITF as AITF continues to provide the best services to the public and our community. 









0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!