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DRIFT NET PETITION IN SUPPORT OF SB1017 to the California State Senate and my district  Senator Mike McGuire.  

I am petitioning in support of Senate Bill 1017 that will require fisheries to be more responsible in the use drift net handling.

Drift nets float freely at the surface of the water with weights attached in order to keep the net –in the drift. Put in place by fishing vessels until retrieved. This leaves much room for error and vary little discrepancy for what animals are caught. While the intention is to catch legally and “sustainable” ocean fish. There is zero accountability for the by-catch that often gets tangled up in the nets in their natural habitat.   

SB1017 which is intended to hold fisheries accountable. Raising the cost of driftnet permits, introducing a permit buyback program as an incentive and requires an observer on every use of the drift nets. This legislation could save countless sea life which is critical to the health of our oceans.  

Drift nets catch 100's of sharks and sea mammals-California sea lions, endangered sea turtles, dolphins, endangered sperm whales, gray whales, and humpback whales.

Once sea mammals are caught in the drift net they became trapped and unable to surface-  which in turn drowns our important and precious sea mammals who need air to breath. Fishermen do not return to check the drift nets for long very periods and has a lasting effect on our oceans and leaves the mammals to die. Drift nets are also a threat to sharks, the apex predators of our oceans who keep our aquatic ecosystems healthy. It an inhumane tactic for the innocent and endangered by-catch but it is also an inhumane and slow dying process for any animal caught in the net –intended or not.

I am asking my district senator Mike McGuire to support bill 1017 to ban irresponsible drift net practices off the coast of California and protect the wildlife in the Pacific Ocean. And you could get involved by letting your district senator know where you stand on SB 1017.

I feel that drift nets should be banned however entirely people's livelihoods depend on the industry’s they provide and SB1017 is a step in the right direction. I only hope that one day we can have an ocean where drift nets are no longer a threat to our precious ocean life.  

Please support me in effort to keep our oceans safe for the precious life that has lived there peacefully for many years before human consumption. Sign this petition to show the California State Senate WHERE YOU STAND. And help me #turnthetides of our oceans.

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