Close Stanislaus County Schools and help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus!

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With the Coronavirus rapidly spreading throughout the world it is time to do our part as a community to help reduce the spread.

The governor of California has limited gatherings of 250 or more, yet Stanislaus County wants to keep k-12 schools with hundreds and thousands of students open. Colleges are closed, businesses around the state have closed to help limit the spread, and other states have closed their schools to protect their communities. It is time for Stanislaus County to take action.  

California does not have enough medical equipment and supplies to treat the expected number of patients who might fall ill from the Coronavirus. We must do our best as a country, state, and community to proactively limit the spread of the virus as much as possible. Multiple lives could be saved by closing schools down in Stanislaus County for at least the next three weeks. Hopefully the state will follow our lead in putting the health of others in our decision making!

Moreover, schools in Stanislaus County lack the skills, staff, supplies, and knowledge to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. Some schools in the county have large class sizes while lacking hand sanitizer, tissues, and other essential supplies. Large gatherings of people will do more harm and drastically put thousands of more Stanislaus County Residents at risk than need be. The world faces enough risk from this virus, let’s not let poor decision making increase the risk even more!