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Petitioning State Senator Juan Vargas 2 and 20 others

California Legislators: Save Student Government in Our State

Student government in the state of California is need of major re-invigoration. Due to state budget cuts, the California Association of Student Councils (CASC), the organization responsible for supporting student governments and student advocacy in California, is losing the shamefully small amount of funding it receives from our state.

We cannot allow this to happen-- and we'll continue to fight for the support that our state's youth need and deserve. 

Sign this petition and ensure that CASC keeps the $45,000 that it receives from our state budget. 

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State Senator Juan Vargas 2
State Representative Nancy Skinner
State Senator Loni Hancock
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State Representative John Perez
State Representative Katcho Achadjian
State Representative Bonnie Lowenthal 2
State Representative Rudy Salas
State Representative Mark Stone
State Senator Robert Huff
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State Senator Stephen Knight
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I just signed the following petition addressed to: California State Legislature.

Since 1947, the California Association of Student Councils has fulfilled the all-too-important mission supporting student government leaders and other youth advocates throughout the state.

The work of this organization has dramatically impacted our public instruction system for the benefit of millions, and has deeply touched the lives of the leaders of today and tomorrow.

The $45,000 that CASC receives from our state budget (line item 6100-117-0001) is a truly sad amount to begin with. Now, the state legislature has voted to eliminate this item from the state budget. Without this money, thousands of high school students will lack the skills, knowledge and support to effectively run their student governments.

We hope that you remember the large constituent base that is affected by this decision. We hope that you remember to put students first.