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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives and 6 others

California Judge takes custody away from Puerto Rico Mom because Argues Island IS DANGEROUS.


The procedure of child custody is a racist and a fraud.

Violations of rights

Mediators: Emelinda McGinnis and Jose Guzman don’t have the right preparation.

730 evaluations (Diana Herrington, MFT) only are for the benefit of the parent who’s paying.

Child recovery unit: LIZA LOYOLA,  Patricia a. Estell and Hector Santana make a report without asking for evidence

judges Dale R. Wells doesn’t care children needs.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
California State House
and 4 others
California State Senate
President of the United States
California Governor
Indio, California family court Child KAMAL HALLUM
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Kamal Custody Puerto Rico.
Stop childrens rights violations
Violations of rights
The procedure of child custody is a racist and a fraud.
Mediators don’t have the right preparation.
730 evaluations only are for the benefit of the parent who’s paying.
Fraud Judges .
An order of child custody has been submitted in which the mother, has not had the adequate opportunity to defend her rights. We feel that the California courts have violated the PARENTAL KINDNAPPING PREVENTION ACT based primarily on the fact that the child's home state is Puerto Rico. The mother had made several trips to California to attend the court procedures and her attempts for receiving sufficient legal aid have been futile. Without proper evidence, in 2010, the mother was accused of child abduction. The petitioner to the court, the father, has made false allegations to the courts in saying that he has been denied opportunities to visit his son, Kamal, in Puerto Rico. The father had requested a 730 evaluation to look into the care of his child and the mother has made all attempts possible to comply. California custodial courts seem to have made the determination that Kamal should not be allowed to live with his mother in Puerto Rico purely out of an unjustified condemnation of Puerto Rico as a dangerous place to live without inquiring into the care, support system, education and healthcare that Kamal is able to receive through the provisions made by his mother.
This is a violation of both the mother and child's rights. We are asking for support in overturning the harsh decisions made against the mother and fair treatment to be made for both parents. We are pleading for more information to be obtained about Kamal's physical, mental and emotional care in Puerto Rico before any further action is made to break up his stability in Puerto Rico.
Racist arguments on Puerto Rico is the result of lose the custody. This is an injustice.

I will not address here on this petition any false information, false witnessing, rumors or gossip. If you have any accurate information to submit to me, please forward it to my attorney at:

Sincerely, Maha Abdel Rahim