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Rescind the nomination of Judge Beth Labson Freeman to the Federal Bench

The appointment to the Federal Bench of San Mateo Superior Court Judge Beth Labson Freeman must be stopped. Obama appointed her in June 2013 after being recommended by Senator Diane Feinstein. She is a danger to women, children and the public. A sample of cases in which she mislead the Senate Judicary Committee, endangered children, and used delay tactics are listed below.


Fotinos v Fotinos: San Mateo Superior Court Case F075139

Judge Beth Labson Freeman stated on her questionnaire to the Senate Judiciary on page 40 that no one has filed a CCP 170.6 (a strike against a judge) against her. In fact, Michele Fotinos filed a CCP 170.6 against her twice, on May 2, 2012 and on July 23, 2012. A federal lawsuit was filed in February 2012 in which the California Attorney General was asked to investigate Judge Freeman's conduct regarding interference with the judicial independence of Judge Donald Franchi. On March 29, 2012 Presiding Judge Freeman was put on notice that John Marcus Fotinos was hiding weapons despite a prior felony conviction and documented abuse of his children. (Michele Fotinos vs Superior Court Of California - Civil Complaint Civ 512853). Mr. Fotinos was later charged with illegal possession of 16 guns, two of which are illegal assault weapons and 10,000 rounds of ammunition. (San Mateo Superior Court Case: SC07642 June 2012).His older daughter is the mother's custody due to abuse suffered at the hands of her father and receives California Victims Compensation but his son remains in his custody even though he has been subpoenaed as a witness in the weapons case by the District Attorney.

Judge Freeman is in direct violation of the California Code Of Judicial Ethics Canon 3 A Judge Shall Perform The Duties Of Judicial Office Impartially, Competently, and Diligently when she had discussions with a judge on the case where she had been removed by a CCP 170.6 San Mateo County Case PRO121437.


Child Psychiatrist William Ayres San Mateo County Case SC064366

Judge Beth Labson Freeman presided over the infamous case of Bay Area child psychiatrist William Ayres who was charged with molesting his patients. As a serial pedophile, Ayres received referrals from San Mateo County's juvenile justice division as well as from schools and other doctors over four decades. The District Attorney's Office knows of 50 alleged victims of Ayres, some going back to the 1960s. Victim advocate Victoria Balfour made her first call to San Mateo police in 2002 about Ayres. "I thought that Ayres would be arrested immediately, and the case wrapped up within the year. Little did I know," she wrote in an email. "Along the way, some of the victims I know have committed suicide."

Beth Labson Freeman was San Mateo County Counsel when the allegations of abuse first surfaced. After several false starts, police closed in on Ayres in 2005 and prosecutors charged him in 2007. She presided over the trial and declared a mistrial in 2009 when the jury could not reach a verdict. Finally in August 2013, Ayres pled guilty and was convicted of 8 counts of child molestation, but the delays and incompetency handling the trial nearly ran out the statue of limitations for the victims which would have protected the county from lawsuits.


Contreras v. Cervantes Godines, San Mateo Superior Court Case I 01151

This case was brought under the Hague Convention. Mariela Cervantes Godines alleged and testified that she and her children were victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse by Mr. Contreras. She fled from Aguililla Michoacan, Mexico a center for the drug cartels to the United States where she had lived and had family with her children seeking safety and obtained a "good cause" from the District Attorney in San Mateo County which allows to her leave with her children. She testified that Mr. Contreras was part of a drug cartel with influence over the police. Judge Freeman removed her children without notice and gave them to the father, in violation of the law, even before the trial commenced. Forensic psychologist Dr. Susan Wilde and domestic violence expert and University of California Law School professor Nancy Lemon testified for the mother and children. Astonishingly, Judge Freeman found the father credible and not the mother. The father returned to Mexico with the children and was assasinated. The children now receive California Victims Compensation.


Judge Freeman should be rejected as a candidate for the federal bench. She is untruthful, careless about the safety of children, uninterested in justice and protection of the public. This is not a person that should be on a Federal Bench. Senator Whitehouse who presided over Wednesdays Senate Judiciary Committee hearing expressed that this process is one of the most important decisions for a senator.

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