Make our city better, DON'T defund the Calgary Police!

Make our city better, DON'T defund the Calgary Police!

November 5, 2020
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Started by Meagan Young

Please contact the Calgary city council to tell them we DON’T want our police force defunded. Council may think that they are doing a good thing taking money away from Calgary Police and giving it to other areas, but they are doing a disservice to the citizens of Calgary! More money to other areas of the city is great, but taking that money from the police service will do more harm than good.

We want change, right? We want things to be better? That’s not going to happen by taking funds away from the police service. We want them to have more/better training… that costs money. We want them to respond to our calls quickly when we need them…that requires enough officers to be working, which won’t be the case if council takes $20 million away from them. City council is trying to take $20 million away from the Calgary Police Service, without asking us citizens what we think!! The police service will have to make cuts, hire less officers, reduce the amount of training and equipment they get, and so much more.

We want them to have body cameras so we can see what happened if we question if there was too much force? That also costs a lot of money. We want the police to have less lethal ways to respond to threats? That takes equipment and training on using those less lethal forces… which costs money. The Calgary Police already received a budget cut last year ($12 million)… any more and we are going to see a huge difference in the service we receive!

Being a police officer is a HARD job. Suicides, depression, and PTSD are just some of the problems officers deal with after what they see at work. They deal with and see things that would haunt our dreams… abused children/spouses, rape victims, murder victims, crash victims, child abductions, dead bodies, dying babies… the list goes on. They need to be able to talk to psychologists and deal with these kinds of things… which costs money. If they aren’t able to talk about the things they see, their work performance can suffer, which affects us citizens.

So PLEASE sign the petition and write to the Calgary city council explaining why we don’t want the police defunded! You may not think it will affect you, but it will! Things will NOT get better for our city if funds are taken away from the people who are there to protect and serve us. We need to make our voices heard, and it’s going to take a lot of our voices to make a difference!

Share this with everyone you know if you want change for the better!!

Write the city council at:

The City of Calgary

Councillors Offices (8001)

PO Box 2100, Station “M”

Calgary, AB T2P 2M5

Or fill out a form online at:


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Signatures: 71Next Goal: 100
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