STOP forced eviction of critically endangered Spectacled Flying Foxes, Cairns, Australia!

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We, the signatories of this petition, request Cairns Regional Council to cancel all plans to ‘disperse’ (forcibly evict) critically endangered Spectacled Flying Foxes from the nationally significant Cairns City Library camp as it will place great stress on this species leading to higher mortality rates.

Stop the Permanent Forced Eviction (‘dispersal’) of the Spectacled Flying Fox camp at Cairns City Library!

Cairns Regional Council has just received a permit to ‘disperse’ (forcibly evict) all the Critically Endangered Spectacled Flying Foxes from the Cairns City Library nationally significant camp.

The stress placed on the colony will almost certainly lead to higher mortality rates.  The total population of this keystone species and only long-range seed disperser for the World Heritage Wet Tropics has plummeted from 150,000 in 2005 to just 75,000 in 2015.  Then in a heat wave in 2018 another 22,000 died in just two days leaving a total population of 53,000.  The population could be as low as 40,000 today.

The Spectacled Flying Foxes in Cairns were featured in Sir David Attenborough’s BBC Documentary ‘Climate Change – the Facts’  April 2019 (to view, visit )

Cairns Regional Council will use Long Range Acoustical Devices (L-RADs) and bright search lights among other devices to frighten the Spectacled Flying Foxes when they return exhausted from a night’s foraging over many kilometers in surrounding mountain ranges.  The last thing the flying foxes need is total disruption to the colony when they return home.

Council says they are relocating the flying fox colony, but to where?  They have absolutely no idea where the flying foxes will go.  There is a good chance this forced eviction will fragment the colony which will also likely lead to higher levels of abortions and other mortality.

The Council has applied for such a permit previously but has been rejected on ecological grounds, that dispersal is detrimental to the flying foxes.  Since then their situation has become even more precarious.  So why was a permit issued now?  

We suggest Cairns Regional Council and the Federal government are listening to billionaire developers and ignoring science and the scientists.

Please sign the petition and send it to your family and friends, in Queensland, across Australia and internationally.

Please also send an email to Cairns Regional Council and tell them not to go ahead with the 'dispersal' or 'deterrent' (forced eviction). 

Send to:       Tell them what town and country you are from.  We are based on tourism so views of visitors are important to Council.

Also Cc: your email to

so we know how many emails they are receiving and what people are saying.  Some people are saying they will boycott Cairns if eviction goes ahead  This will make them think twice. Thank you!