Formation of a National Men’s Rights Commission

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1     Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment,

Room. No. 636, 'A', Wing, Shastri Bhawan,

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road,

New Delhi - 110001 (India)


2        The Cabinet Secretary,

Cabinet Secretariat,

Government of India

Rashtrapati Bhawan,

New Delhi - 110 004


3     Ministry of Home Affairs,

North Block,

Central Secretariat,

New Delhi – 110001      


4     Ministry of Law and Justice,

4th Floor, A-Wing,

Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001


Subject- Formation of a National Men’s Rights Commission



1.          That the Applicant and other affected individuals, residing across the country, who are activate in various groups/social networking sites, on the eve of International Men day’s i.e., 19 November, making this representation to constitute and embodied a commission or any recognized body, alike to the National Women’s commission, which can examine, scrutinize or investigate the grievances of Men on harassment, violence etc, due to the widely misuse of the laws which are made for the protection of women, which they regularly face everywhere including house, workplace, public transport, and in the society

2.          The main objective of making this representation is to  secure and promoting equal gender rights for men, boys and those persons possessing or claiming male sexual identity

3.          After Independence, many laws have been framed to protect the rights of women, based solely upon their sexual identity such as 498-A, 354, 509 IPC, Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act-2005, 125 CrPC etc

4.          Besides, The National Commission for Women was set up as a statutory body in January 1992 under the National Commission for Women Act, 1990 ( Act No. 20 of 1990 of Govt.of India ) to :review the Constitutional and Legal safeguards for women recommend remedial legislative measures; facilitate Redressal of grievances and advise the Government on all policy matters affecting women. NCW has been receiving a large number of complaints, organized workshops/consultations, constituted expert committees and acted suo-moto in several cases to provide speedy justice.  It took up the issue of child marriage, sponsored legal awareness programs, Parivarik Mahila Lok Adalats and reviewed laws such as Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, PNDT Act 1994, Indian Penal Code, 1860 and the National Commission for Women Act, 1990 to make them more stringent and effective.   

5.          It cannot be overlooked that men, who have a large amount of responsibility towards his family, are the victims of Domestic Violence, harassment, false implications at various cases of rape, dowry harassment, molestation etc, frivolous protracted criminal trials which often has ended with loosing of their jobs, economic and social implications

6.          The woman, who has been using her superior power and position to misuse it against her husband or against any other male, often get immunity, or escaped easily due to existing weak provisions for filing false cases, or the reluctant attitude of the law enforcement agencies, encouraging them to file false cases, which is evident from the NCRB data and the recent news clippings/media reports gathered by the Applicant mentioned below.

7.          In the case, if man harassing the woman, the women have the legal recourse and can register certain complaints under the sections of IPC and the Domestic Violence Act, among others. Similarly, there are cases which are filed with ulterior motives, vengeance, and in all such cases, the women are using the cruel tactics of harassment, which is also observed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India as well as Hon’ble High Courts across the Country, including the Central and State Government ministries, agencies

8.          The unrelenting fact is that men are having no legal recourse as per law. The most dismayed and disheartening is that there is a statutory body or an authority alike to the National and State Women Commission, where they can redress their grievances, share their pain and complaints and get appropriate relief in the form of immediate intervention.   In all such cases of male harassment done by a female, which does not ambit under criminal offense, then  there are no remedies available for man except to tolerate it eternity or to commit suicide if become unbearable  & repressive

9.          It’s become common practice the women are misusing the laws purely in a routine manner, by availing of the legal options available to them. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in ARNESH KUMAR VERSUS STATE OF BIHAR & ANR. CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 1277 OF 2014 (SPECIAL LEAVE PETITION (CRL.) No.9127 of 2013) Date: 2 July 2014 has observed

“The rate of charge-sheeting in cases under Section 498A, IPC is as high as 93.6%, while the conviction rate is only 15%, which is lowest across all heads. As many as 3,72,706 cases are pending trial of which on current estimate, nearly 3,17,000 are likely to result in acquittal”

Similarly, rape laws are also misused which is claimed by the women panel as well as by the various Hon’ble Courts while acquitting the accused men in false rape cases( News Clipping /links mentioned below

Apart from this, there are many other incidents, reports, videos captured and available in you-tubes and social media, where the women have created a ruckus against innocent men. The Public, even the Police personnel feels browbeaten to interact with exasperated women because an intrinsic fear of the women having an advantageous position of pointing fingers and making false allegations, and all women’s commissions will support her even if the allegations are frivolous and fabricated Here there is staunchly needed of a specialized Men’s commission.

10.      The grievances of the men, as there is no law or legislation which protects the rights of men, as a result, the large number of men, due to domestic problems, abuse of laws etc, are committing suicides every year. It cannot be invalidated that Man is always harassed solely for being a Man whereas unscrupulous woman, who is always in salutary position, can easily harass, damage, exploit and/or even ruin the life of man. There is no legal recourse available to man except to abjure & relinquished his rights before the unscrupulous woman who, nowadays, is very much in fortuitous position whether socially, morally, educationally or legally

11.      Article 14 of The Constitution of India speaks of the Equality before the law. The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. In the light of the Constitution of India, Article 14, both men and women shall not be differentially treated in the case of harassment too. But differential treatment, nowadays, has always given to male because the state, after independence, through the enactment of laws and constituted rules and regulations therein, has provided sufficient safeguards, by constituting commissions, organizations, guidelines etc for protecting the rights of women. But on contrary, when unscrupulous women, by misusing or abusing the provisions of law, harass the men by various means, then men have no legal recourse except to defend himself, which takes several years in courts, to prove his innocence 


12.      Article 15 speaks Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth (1) The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them. The Article  15(3)  speaks-“Nothing in this article shall prevent the State from making any special provision for women and children”. The State inexorably has the power to make special provisions and children so that women and children who are oppressed or downtrodden, should be uplifted so that they too enjoy equal constitutional privileges alike man. But the provisions shall not be designed or implemented to arming one specific gender with a wide range of powers to dominate or harass the opposite gender or vice versa

13.      As per NCRB( National Crime Record Bureau) The following suicide cases which have been committed by married men during the last 9 years, which has been reported by the National Crime Record Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs
Number of Suicide Victims by “Married” Marital Status
2013 64098 29491
2012 63343 31921
2011 62433 32582
2010 61453 31754
2009 58192 31300
2008 57639 30224
2007 57593 30064
2006 55452 29869
2005 52483 28188

The yearly suicides of married men have regularly been exacerbated every year, which is elucidated from the abovementioned data, yet no safeguards have been formulated by the Government of India for protecting the interests of married men, who have been falsely framed by unscrupulous wives and her family members, for extortion of money and other misdeeds

14.      It cannot be abnegated, since independence, any legislation has ever passed to protect the rights of men or boys, the absence of such legislation severely prejudicing the Constitution of India on gender equality, and men and boys across the country have been, and, have become, victims of oppression. So, there is an urgent need of commissions or any recognized body analogous to women’s rights commission, where men in distress could go and register their grievances and get the issue resolved. There are already a plethora of women bodies and legislation which are not sensitive towards the issues and problems related to men

15.      The undersigned Men and Women, along with millions of other men, women, and boys, have been the victims of gross violations of law. In order to vindicate their rights, to uphold respect for constitutional of India, and to deter future human rights abuses, the Govt of India/Ministry should consider this Petition, and undertake a thorough investigation of widespread ingrained prejudice against men and violations of the rights of men and boys. The Men/Boys also needed protection from the women making unsubstantiated domestic harassment claims

16.      The Applicant request that the Government of India/Ministry, for the interest of gender equality, protect Human Rights specific to those persons claiming a Male gender equality, provide for the future of Boys and Men, and in furtherance of  peace, equality, and prosperity, resolve as follows:

• To form a Commission on Men’s and Boys’ Rights and provide for funding and programs in support of the Commission that homologous to the National Commissions for Women which can look into grievances of Men & Boys,






"Time and again, it is noted with distress, that a socially enabling piece of legislation, is being grossly misused with impunity, by the very gender for whose empowerment it has been enacted, leaving the male/s facing grossly wrong and derogatory charges, which they have to thereafter defend themselves against. Such gross and 

patent misuse of a socially enabling piece of legislation has to be sternly condemned by the Courts and dealt with a very stern hand,”


I        Ranchi: Tortured by daughter-in-law, five members of a family end life in a ‘suicide pact

Ranchi | Published:October 9, 2016 7:15 pm

The police said that, prima facie, it seemed to be a case of suicide pact between the family members, who were feeling tortured and threatened by the daughter-in-law of the former Army doctor.


II            Harassed by wife, man ends life

Pune Mirror | Oct 18, 2016, 02.30 AM IST

Couple — married in December last year — was having constant arguments; police recover suicide note accusing the woman of torture

III     पत्नी से तंग आकर पति ने किया सुसाइड, लिखा- हर महिला मासूम नहीं होती

          “If Government & society make some laws in favor of men they can save some innocent life. Female are not innocent every time usually they take advantage of laws and collect sympathies to fulfill their dreams…..”

 The News is available at the Following Link

Bhaskar news Jul 01, 2016, 16:36 PM IST


The Video is available at the following link

Software engineer from Jodhpur hangs himself to death, alleges wife for false dowry case. Zee News


IV     Kapurthala man ends life after blaming wife, in-laws in online video

HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Kapurthala |  Updated: Sep 01, 2016 11:22 IST

Sultanpur Lodhi man (28) committed suicide on Tuesday evening by consuming poison after posting a video on a social-networking website to blame his NRI (non-resident Indian) wife and in-laws.


The Video is available at the following link


V       Advocate commits suicide in the Supreme Court Premises

          धमकी से परेशान वकील ने सुप्रीम कोर्ट में की आत्महत्या

          Published date: Friday, 22 July 2016, Time: 08:36 P.M IST


VI     Judge tries to commit suicide in Delhi
By NewsX Bureau

|         Friday, July 22, 2016 - 16:12

First Published | Friday, July 22, 2016 - 16:12


New Delhi: An additional district judge (ADJ) at the Dwarka court tried to commit suicide on Friday. As per sources, the judicial officer was allegedly under depression after he was accused of the molestation. The judge, who resides with his family in the residential area of Karkardooma Court, tried to commit suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. The judge had been undergoing depression after a woman posted at the Dwarka Court made molestation allegations against him. The judge was earlier posted as the additional session’s judge at the Karkardooma Court.


VII    Man from Mumbai committed suicide after allegedly unable to bear the torture from his wife and his inlaws. The man was allegedly framed in dowry case. Before hanging he made video on his mobile and blamed his wife and his inlaws for his death

मैं मरने जा रहा हूं... मेरी मौत के जिम्मेदार बीवी, साली और सास हैं!

Posted on: June 13, 2016 07:38 AM IST | Updated on: June 13, 2016 07:49 AM IST


VIII   Woman threaten husband and wife commit suicide : Mother and son allegedly commit suicide over threat and blackmailing made by wife

पंजाबः बहु से परेशान पति और सास ने की आत्महत्या

भाषा [Edited by: परवेज़ सागर] | जालंधर, 05 जुलाई 2016 | अपडेटेड 17:10 IST

IX     Doctor ‘kills self’ inside car in Noida parking lot
Police said Deepak Bhati, a resident of Sector 15 in Noida, had sent a text message from his phone to his brother, an MBBS student, around 3 pm.
Express News Service Noida Published:Jul 4, 2016, 3:54


X       2015-05-03: Man Killed himself over harsh laws in the name of protecting woman

Name, Age & Place of the Victim:  Desh Raj, 25 years, Govindpuri

The complete news is available in the following Link


XI  2015-05-19 Man sets himself fire at Police station

Name, Age & Place of the Victim:   34 years man, Gurgaon

The complete news is available in the following Link


XII    2015-05-04 : Sirsa man sets himself ablaze before in-laws' house

Name, Age & Place of the Victim:  Vinod Kumar, 32, Sirsa, Haryana

The complete news is available in the following Link


XIII   2015-05-06 : Before ending life, man uploads video blaming wife, in-laws

Name, Age & Place of the Victim:   Manoj Kumar, 27 year old, Peon in Private Bank, Ludhiyana, Punjab

The complete news is available in the following Link


XIV   2015-06-05 : Doctor Commited Suicide Because of Domestic Problems

Name, Age & Place of the Victim:   Dr. Ramesh Arora, 45, Doctor, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan

The complete news is available in the following Link


XV 2015-06-26 Teacher accused in Dowry Harassment case, ends life in Police Custody

Name, Age & Place of the Victim:   Zakir Husain, Teacher, Chandoli

The complete news is available in the following Link


XVI   2015-02-08 : Suicide after fight with WIFE

Name, Age & Place of the Victim: Deepak, 34, Auto Driver, Indore, M.P.. The complete news is available in the following Link


XVII Ex army man consumes poison in the court in Miyapur (Hyderabad)

The deceased was facing Domestic Violence case initiated by his wife


XVIII         PSI shoots himself dead with service revolver Nov 20, 2009, 03.08AM IST Page 1 of 4

AMRAVATI: A police sub inspector, presently posted at Akola Control Room, shot himself with his service revolver in the wee hours of Thursday at Amravati.

On Wednesday night, at around 1.50am, Datir shot himself with his service revolver and died on the spot. Sources said that he had a dispute with his wife, who had lodged a complaint against him in 2006 at Akola police station.  .

XIX   Treated cruelty by wife, techie ends life

DECCAN HERALD Last updated: 12 August, 2009

Allegedly hounded by a greedy and cruel wife, who was fully supported by her parents, a 32-year-old techie ended his life by consuming a full bottle of anti-depressant tablets here on Monday.

Shubhankar Katyayan was married to Nandini, 27, also a software engineer, for the past two years. Their marriage was registered and solemnised here. Although the two hailed from Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, they had been working in Bangalore after their arranged marriage.


XX    Hyderabad professor killed sons before ending his life

The author has posted comments on this article TNN | Oct 7, 2014, 03.54AM IS HYDERABAD: .Guruprasad, 44, an assistant professor at ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, Donthanapally, had committed suicide by jumping in front of a train near James Street railway station on Saturday afternoon. Guruprasad and his wife Suhasini got divorced in 2013. On Saturday morning, he went to Suhasini's house at Anandbagh in Malkajgiri to visit his two sons, Vittal Virinchi, 9, and Nanda Vihari, 5. He took the boys out at 9am and was supposed to drop them at their mother's place by 1pm

XXI   Primary School teacher accused of dowry harassment commits suicide in Police custody


XXII           Senior Medical Officer accused of dowry   harrasment commits suicide at Ansol Distict of West Bengal


XXIII         07/07/2013 The Times of India

Women named in  dowry harassment jump before train

Depressed over a case of dowry harassment lodged against them, a woman and her 30-year-old daughter committed suicide by jumping before a train in Bikaner on Saturday. The case had been registered by the woman's daughter-in-law last month



I     Women's panel claims over HALF the rape cases registered in past year were false allegations

Frivolous rape cases are on the rise in the Capital, if the Rape Crisis Cell of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) is to be believed. 

According the data, 1,466 of the 2,753 rape cases registered with the women’s panel between April 2013 and July 2014 were found to be false.....


The kind of cases that generally turn out to be false are mostly filed by live-in partners, people who want to settle personal scores matters, and those who want to implicate their in-laws in cases.


II    Court says rape law is being misused by women

Penal provisions on rape have been misused by some women who develop consensual physical relationship with their lovers and after the breakup file false rape cases to force them to marry them, the Delhi High Court has said.
"Many of the cases are being reported by those women who have consensual physical relationship with a man but when the relationship breaks due to one reason or the other, the women use the law as a weapon for vengeance and personal vendetta to extort money and sometimes even to force the boy to get married to them," the court said in a recent order.  

III    False rape cases on the rise: Are tougher rape laws being misused?

Tougher rape laws leading to increase in false cases? As per a TOI report, "Now, there's some evidence to support this claim. Statistics on the disposal of rape cases in Delhi's trial courts show a sharp increase in the acquittal rate after the infamous December 16, 2012, gang rape. While in 2012, the acquittal rate in rape cases was 46%, in the first eight months of 2013 (for which exact figures are available) it shot up to 75%. Sources said acquittals remain high this year as well, accounting for around 70% of the cases. Legal experts say the high acquittal rates are because of a spurt in the number of false rape cases being filed. The observations of judges in acquittal cases also bear this out." This alarming acquittal rate is becoming a big reason to worry. Post December 16 incident, laws dealing with sexual offences against women was strengthened for speedy justice to women in such cases. But if the laws will be misused like this then what is the point of strengthening the law as this will hamper the victims who are really facing such problems.


IV    Women lodging false rape cases should be punished:Court
 False rape cases makes the crime graph shoot up, play havoc with the crime statistics and tend to trivialize the offence of rape and, "no sooner that the news of a person having been accused of rape spreads in the society, he is looked down upon by all and sundry," it observed.

While the act of rape causes intense emotional distress and immense humiliation to the victim, at the same time one cannot lose sight of the fact that false implication in a rape case causes equal humiliation, disgrace and mental agony to the accused, the court further said.


V  Model Rape Case: I Contemplated Suicide, Says DIG Sunil Paraskar

Mumbai: The Dindoshi Sessions court on Friday discharged Maharashtra DIG Sunil Paraskar in a rape case alleged by a 27-year-old model. The model had alleged that Paraskar, (57), had sexually assaulted her on two occasions in December 2013 and he had been suspended following the allegations.


VI     Delhi: Depressed over rape charges, man commits suicide 

A 55-year-old executive director of an NGO committed suicide by jumping off a building here after becoming depressed when a girl accused him of rape, police said Wednesday.


VII     Woman sentenced for levelling false charge of rape against man
 INDORE: A woman was awarded a sentence of four years and a fine of Rs 11,000 for levelling false rape charges against her landlord, after a dispute over the payment of rent due to which the landlord committed suicide


VIII     Court acquits man, spares woman for filing false rape case in Delhi 

"The prosecutrix (woman) deserves to be prosecuted for having set the police machinery in motion on false information and for giving false evidence before this court but I refrain from doing so for the reason that prosecutrix and accused are legally married couple and in the hope that they would forget their bitterness....and would start living together as husband and wife peacefully," the judge said

IX     Court acquits Amity rape accused, says evidence cooked up 

NEW DELHI: Accusing the police of fabricating evidence in a sensational 2012 'rape' case, a trial court has acquitted two youths, including a student of Amity University, who were accused of gang-raping another student of the university.




1     Indian woman chops off her husband's genitals

PUBLISHED: 17:04 BST, 3 August 2018 | UPDATED: 19:59 BST, 3 August 2018

2     Woman chops off husband’s genitals over alleged affair

       Posted at: Feb 20, 2018, 6:36 PM; last updated: Feb 20, 2018, 6:36 PM (IST)



3       नवविवाहिता पत्नी ने पति का काटा गुप्तांग

Publish Date:Fri, 06 Dec 2013 09:09 PM (IST) | Updated Date:Fri, 06 Dec 2013 09:10 PM (IST)


4     Delhi woman chews off husband’s tongue after argument, held

       Updated: Sep 24, 2018 10:32 IST


5     पत्नी ने किया पति पर तेजाब से हमला, जांच में जुटी पुलिस

Posted on: Apr 29, 2016 04:05 PM IST | Updated on: Apr 29, 2016 04:05 PM IST


6     पति की लाश के टुकडों के साथ करती रही अय्याशी

By: एबीपी न्यूज़ | Last Updated: Saturday, 30 April 2016 8:22 PM

7     सो रहे पति की आंखों में फेवीक्विक डालकर भागी पत्नी, पति का बुरा हाल

टीम डिजिटल/अमर उजाला, दिल्ली

Updated 14:13 शुक्रवार, 20 मई 2016


8     Bengaluru woman slashes husband's fingers for checking her phone

Sunitha slashed her husband's fingers with a kitchen knife after he snatched her phone and started checking her texts.

Mail Today  | Posted by Siddharth Tiwari

Bengaluru, May 17, 2016 | UPDATED 14:03 IST


9     Woman attacks husband with sickle after he tries to see her whatsapp Chat

TNN | Updated: Jun 12, 2017, 09:24 IST

10   Mohali woman shoots husband dead, bundles body into suitcase; arrested

punjab Updated: Mar 20, 2017 15:40 IST


11 Woman kills husband, pours acid on lover's face. Why? Aadhaar helps find answer


1     Andhra Pradesh woman booked under POCSO for rape of boy

TNN | Jun 10, 2018, 09:16 IST


2     Delhi woman charged with rape of 17-year-old boy under POCSO

       India TV News Desk [ Published on: July 13, 2016 17:02 IST ]

3     Teenage boy sexually abused, blackmailed by 25-year- old woman tutor

Arvind Chauhan | TNN | Aug 22, 2017, 08:41 PM IST


4     Woman sexually abuses Class 10 boy in Puducherry

Bosco Dominique | TNN | Jan 29, 2017, 20:11 IST


5     Goa police book woman under POSCO for sexual assault of minor boy

       By AuthorPTI  |  Published: 27th Sep 2017  6:49 pm


6     Boy, 10, hospitalised in Kanpur after being forced into sex by teenage girl


7     Woman Booked For Raping Minor Boy In Uttar Pradesh

       Aug 30, 2016, 21:01 IST | IANS

8     Woman bobbitises boyfriend for refusing to have sex, marry as family watches

Updated: Jul 05, 2017 10:17 IST


9     Mumbai: 16 years old boy accuses friend’s mother of rape

Wed, 1 Apr 2015-07:20am , dna


10   Women who tried to molest Auto driver arrested


July 16, 2015


11   लड़कियों ने एक लड़के से कहा- हमें छेड़ो वर्ना...

Feb 25, 2016, 03:22 PM IST


12   12-Year-Old Booked For Impregnating A 17-Year-Old, Becomes The Youngest Father In India
23 March 2017


12   Shocking! Lady teacher proudly claims of molesting, threatening a 10-year-old boy


13   Police file case against Uber driver beaten up by women passengers in Kochi

By Team Asianet Newsable | 09:58 AM September 26, 2017




I        Drunk Girls abuse travellers in Delhi Metro on Women's Day, create ruckus

II       Drunk girl in Mercedes fights with cops on Delhi street

III     Caught on camera two drunk women assaulting Gurgaon police


IV     Drunk girl High voltage Drama in Azamgarh police station


V       CCD Woman Employee Slaps Customer After He Points Out Cockroaches Crawling In Their Fridge


VI      Life is not the same for these boys acquitted of charges of harassing women


VII    Three men accused of harassing two sisters acquitted by court




गैंगरेप मामले में पुलिस का चौंकाने वाला खुलासा

ब्यूरो/अमर उजाला, पंचकूला

Updated Sun, 08 Feb 2015 06:11 PM IST


Woman sentenced to 3 years Jail for a false rape case. Reason - Property dispute. Accused ended his life.


Cops raid her home to find her husband, apparently accused of a crime, she CRIES rape by Cops! They plead innocence


This article basically nails the trend. Tougher rape law leading to increase in false cases?


Classic case of rape law misuse: False gangrape


Journalist arrested in false gang rape case


Delhi woman misuses rape law, held for extortion


Men who face false rape charges - BLOG 


Girl faces 7 years Rigorous Imprisonment for false rape allegations 


Rape filed when husband discovered wife coming out of someone else's house


Punishment for falling in LOVE


Consensual Sex of Four years turned Rape


Sexual Adventure turned Rape


Love, Sex and Dhokha.....all given the name of Rape


Girl Pregnant, Property Dispute among neighbours, RAPE charge is the Solution


Father and Daughter both retract from their statements of Rape, refuse to identify accused


A false rape case by a MAID on an 82 year Old employer, Court issues guidelines to placement agencies


Got pregnanant with consent, but she was raped


Settlement after Rape...or Rape charges for settlement


She stayed with cousin with her own 'sweet will' but it was a rape for the girls father


Court acquits man of Rape, wants curb on False cases


Rape on a Road Side???


Unable to pay debt, father coerces daughter to file a rape case. 13 years. Another accused woman dies during pendency of the case.


Two brothers acquitted. If there would have been three, charges would have been on three, four, five.....


Teacher-Student infatuation, baby born out of it, Rape case filed anonymously ...acquitted


Rape filed to force the boy into marriage


Acquitted after 11 years of struggle


Dispute over property, turned rape by a young empowered woman against an elderly senior citizen


They raped but dropped her home. Then her father slapped her. Then she slept. Then police found her. OMG.


No words....First elope with boyfriend then charge him with rape.


Medical examination declares no rape, claim of sedation also false, still FIR registered


Rape on pretext of Job, marriage and many other promises


Girl agrees rape complaint was false as boyfriend turns husband


Consensual sex turned rape, Judge says women should sleep before marriage at their own peril


Raped continuously for a year by facebook friend


Thrown out of Job, files rape case against 8 people


Rape cases conviction low because of false complaints : Mumbai Commissioner of Police


Don't always believe rape victims evidence : Supreme Court of India




False cases behind Delhi's tag of RAPE CAPITAL: Judge, Delhi Court


Woman arrested for extortion after filing 11 false rape cases


90% of rape cases in Kishanganj False: SP


74% percent cases consensual sex turned into rape: Pune Police


Fake rape victims danger to society: Court


Be Vigilant against false cases: HC tells trial court judges


Boyfriend, his friends also in false rape trap....O Boyzzz so sorry for you!


Consensual relationship, pregnancy, then Rape




GO GOA and then GO crying rape


Rape victims brother is the child's biological father


Women misuse rape law to force lovers to marry them: Delhi HC


'Fake' rape cases reported as Love Turns Sour: Ranchi Police


When live-in turns sour, man becomes ‘rapist’

Rising False Rape culture