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C.M. Maharashtra: Ban Victoria carriages, rehabilitate horses

Mumbai city, is known to have a human face. But this is at stake as the horses which pull the victorian carriages in the city are dying on the streets.

Most of these horses are ill-treated, not fed properly, live in filthy stables, often in their own stool and urine. They are made to work 18 hours a day without rest. Exhaustion forces them to collapse on the road as their owners repeatedly whip them in order to make them trot again.

Thee horses suffer from internal injuries but have never been medically treated for them. The licenses to keep these horses are not regulated, even animal rights regulations are never enforced on these carriage owners.

But we need 7000 signatures to force the Maharashtra government to rehabilitate the horses and the carriage drivers. The petition will be delivered to the following-

1) The Chief Minister of Maharashtra-
2)The Traffic police
3)The Municipal commissioner
4) The Mayor of Mumbai


News Sources-

1. Volunteers rescue dying, overworked Victoria horse

2. Horse Carriages – Mumbai, welcome to the Hall of Shame!

3. PETA intervenes in PIL against Victoria horse carriages

This petition was delivered to:
  • Mayor of Mumbai
    Mr. Sunil Waman Prabhu
  • Municipal Commissioner, Mumbai
    Shri. Sitaram Kunte
  • Joint Commissioner, Traffic
    Shri. Vivek Phansalkar
  • Chief Minister, Maharashtra
    Prithviraj Chavan

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