Change animals from chattel to sentient beings in Ontario

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Pets have been considered chattel since the beginning of time when people believed, or didn't care, that animals feel love, pain and grief. Now we know better. I have long been a defender of animals and I would like to see them go from being property to being considered what they truly are, which is sentient beings. So many cases of neglect, abuse, torture and death of animals isn't prosecuted because they are considered property. Things of this nature are rarely charged and even more rarely, go to court. Even when things go to court and there is a conviction, rescue groups are not notified so that we don't adopt out to these people. They can get more animals from anywhere. This can not continue. As someone with the power to change the way animals are viewed, you can make this change. This law is outdated; horrible acts are being done without any consequences of their actions. This needs to stop. This can be stopped and the first step is changing them from being chattel to being sentient beings as we already know them to be - please join me in seeking justice for our pets. They have no voice - we are their voice. This is long overdue but that doesn't mean that we have to allow it to continue. If you love animals or have a pet of your own please sign and help me make this a reality.