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"Buy American" Policy Subverting Fair Trade?

      The Obama Administration's: "Buy American" Policy, recently enacted, is  "stealth protectionism".  Since it's introduction in the 800-billion-dollar stimulus package, international governments have accused the U.S. of preaching free trade, while enforcing international trade restrictions.
      Since the Obama Administration does not address how this will effect Fair Trade, a petition asking for a definition of where this Administration stands on Fair Trade and it's policy toward social economic justice is urged.

Letter to
President of the United States
    Having searched The White House website on Fair Trade, and not finding any information to answer this question, this petition is being forwarded to you for reply.  The new "Buy American" policy is coming across to the global market as a form of stealth protectionism.  There is international outcry, and the concern here, is the effect this policy will have on Fair Trade and the ever growing global economic justice movement.
    It is understood that Congress has implemented this policy, and it is up to them to actually change the law. However, this petition is asking for your formal backing of international Fair Trade.  The impact of this policy, as it stands, can have a devastating and chilling effect of those who are struggling to provide a fair and decent living through the use of Fair Trade.
    Therefore, this petition is being forwarded to you for response on your official position on this issue. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. 

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