STOP the re-creation of Horse Meat Slaughter houses in America

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The Department of the Interior, under the guidance of Secretary Ryan Zinke, has signaled its plan to abolish decades-old federal protections for wild horses and burros and to permit them to be shipped to slaughter by the tens of thousands.

This cruel practice not only harms these innocent animals but adds to water  pollution, decreases property values and increases air pollution.

The 27 lawmakers who voted against the Roybal-Allard/Dent amendment are aware of the dangerous impact that these slaughterhouses will have on local communities.

Rescue groups and sanctuaries are constantly outbid by kill-buyers during auctions. This leads to a cruel death for these intelligent and emotional animals.

Limiting overbreeding, providing shelter and expanding adoption will positively impact the horses as well as our communities and the environment.

Please let congress know that you oppose the reintroduction of horse slaughter in the USA!