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Bullies Don't Belong on the Supreme Court: Tell WI to Remove Sexist, Violence-prone Justice Prosser

The news of Scott Walker's signing of the anti-union bill was overshadowed by something even more disturbing: an allegation by State Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley that her colleague, Justice David Prosser, grabbed her by the throat and put her in a chokehold after she demanded he leave her office.

This report is not the first documented instance of sexist attacks on liberal female colleagues by Justice Prosser. This past spring, he admitted to calling Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson a "total bitch", but claimed it was "warrented". Though this incident did not escalate to a physical confrontation, it clearly shows a pattern of sexist behavior in Prosser. In footage made public in March,  Prosser also charged at State Senator Tim Carpenter while they served together, which while not sexist in nature does follow his pattern of violence and intimidation against liberal colleagues. If he once again claims he was provoked -- which is not unlikely, seeing as his language in the two incidents has been similar -- it will only serve to further a pattern of victim-blaming on top of his pattern of verbal and physical abuse.

Justice Prosser must resign immediately. If he does not, the responsibility then shifts to the legislature, which must impeach him as the law dictates.

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Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser
Wisconsin State House
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I was deeply disturbed to hear from State Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley that fellow Justice David Prosser grabbed her by the throat during an argument.

This incident only seems to further the pattern of behavior this spring that we saw when Justice Prosser used a sexist insult against another liberal female colleague, Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson. And before that, he was also filmed charging at another opposing colleague, footage which has recently been released. A man who cannot control his temper and who regularly attacks female colleagues does not belong on the state's highest court.

I ask, therefore, for the immediate resignation of Justice Prosser. If the Justice does not give up his seat voluntarily, the legislature must then take responsibility and impeach him for assault.

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