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One of the cruelest rituals takes place in September in Tordesillas, during which a bull is viciously tortured and killed. In the latest event, Afligido was speared to death, his tail cut off while he was still alive.

The Toro de la Vega is notorious for its brutality; during this annual tradition, a bull is released into the streets, chased and harassed by some hundreds of men armed with lances. The bull is beaten with sticks and stabbed until he collapses from exhaustion and pain after which the final death blow is delivered.

Letter to
Comunidad Autónoma de Castilla y León
Tordesillas Tourism
Castilla y León Tourism
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City Hall of Tordesillas
Tourism of Castilla y Leon
I am contacting you regarding the sickening spectacle of El Toro de la Vega during which a bull is tortured and killed for the sake of entertainment and in the name of tradition.

Culture is no excuse for cruelty. During this event, the bull suffers severe stress from being the subject of harassment and is forced to endure an excruciating pain from the beatings and multiple stab wounds prior to death. The death in itself is not only torturous, but slow and sadistic. No tradition can justify such monstrous cruelty and unspeakable violence against a defenceless sentient being. Animal welfare is more important than an archaic tradition that is neither necessary nor humane - such barbaric practices have no place in a modern society.

Spain has an incredibly rich history and culture that Spaniards should be proud of, yet it is such cruel events that degrade the image of the Spanish society and tarnish its international reputation. Animal cruelty should not be a part of the Spanish heritage. This grotesque spectacle has already drawn protests and received worldwide condemnation along with notable tourism boycotts.

There are plenty of alternative, humane events that could replace this bloody ritual in the Fiestas Mayores. Please stop this savage torturing and proclaim an immediate ban on El Toro de la Vega !


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