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Bug Congress to Beat the Bite & Fund West Nile Virus Research

A modern day polio, West Nile Virus is a growing epidemic for which there is no vaccine, no cure, no treatment and no answers while the number of those infected skyrocket into thousands.

Recently an article in the Washington Post stated scientists believe WNV mutated into a more severe strand broadening its reach to include young people and those with no underlying health issues.

Not in a third world country but today in America people are dying due to a mosquito bite.The Center for Disease Control says the only way not to get WNV is not to get bitten. Basically once you've been bitten, that's it. 

Over the summer my teenage daughter Jordan went outside onto our balcony  for a moment of fresh air.  Almost immediately she was bitten by a mosquito. She returned inside never giving it a second thought.

A few days later I rushed her to the hospital after finding her nearly comatose. The mosquito bite infected my child with West Nile Meningoencephalitis. I had the doctors repeat it because it was surreal. (Among other things, lol!) I replied, "She What? West Nile? And not just West Nile but WEST NILE WHAT? 

My vibrant healthy daughter was placed in ICU to aid her struggle to survive. Prayers combined with tenacity made it possible for her to make miraculous progress. Our story made local and national news, headlines said "Teen Fought West Nile and Won". 

We didn't know the fight just begun. The elusive predatory nature of West Nile  plays hide and seek while viral effects run its course through your brain leaving a devastating aftermath of neurological damage ready to begin its game of cat and mouse.

Jordan, an energetic high school sophomore honor student in all pre AP classes with aspirations to  be a surgeon suffers from multiple rare disorders prohibiting  her to attend school. The greatest concern is for her life due to the progressive decline in her health.

I hold back my tears when I find myself wondering if this holiday season is the last my son & I share with Jordan. All over one mosquito bite?! Really?!!

West Nile bites like hell. The ripple effect of the virus continues to infect my family: physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. My days are consumed fighting to fulfill her survival and recovery needs all the while ensuring her younger brother Max doesn't feel invisible or less important.

West Nile invaded America nearly 14 years ago yet very little is known about the virus. Previously I didn't take WNV seriously. Now I can lose everything beginning with what's most important, my daughter's life. Don't risk your family, loved ones and community by underestimating West Nile. 

Currently the only protection against this deadly virus is prevention. You need to tell Congress that's not good enough.  WNV is going to infect more families thus crippling this great nation of ours if we don't do something now.

West Nile already infected my family there's no reason why it should affect yours too. No one else should bear the bite of West Nile. 

Jordan's birthday is January 5. I want to give her the gift of biting West Nile back for taking a bite out of her life. On January 5, 2013, I would like to give this incredibly deserving teen this petition signed with 1,000,000 signatures requesting President Obama & Congress put the bite back on West Nile virus by allocating funds for its research.

Your name supports efforts to Fight the Bite & Find a Cure. After the holidays comes Spring. Don't let West Nile come back to bite you!

From my family to yours....God bless you,

Ebonie Conner


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