Fire Stan Collymore

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Stan Collymore has been increasingly employed in recent months by BT Sport as a 'football analyst' on their flagship football chat show 'Football Tonight' to discuss the various issues of relevance.

Collymore, however, has appalling history for domestic violence and while he cannot be held responsible for the mental illness he is reputed to have suffered, he can for both assault of his then partner, and his present-day cyber attacks on anyone he can 'troll'.

Yesterday footage emerged of purported Chelsea fans espousing racial hatred on a subway train, and instead of Collymore condemning these fans individually, he insulted Chelsea's entire support and brought the entire fanbase of Rangers into his tirade as well:

"As I said a couple of weeks ago, Rangers and Chelsea, aka “The Blues Brothers”, made for each other. Quelle surprise.. #NF #BNP #C18"

Slurring Rangers and Chelsea like this as right-wing extremists is below the belt and unnacceptable.

He has repeated history of this vile behaviour, with dozens of anti-Chelsea, anti-Rangers, and indeed anti-British comments littering his Twitter feed, and he blocks any user challenging him on his 'views'.

I am going to unsubscribe from BT Sports and thousands of others already have thanks to this man's behaviour.

When head office at BT was informed of these concerns, their reply was:

"Why did we take the decision to employ him? - Football Tonight is a debate show - we want people with strong opinions who can hold court on any footballing subject. SC can do this, as shown with his first show where he had valid opinions on the EPL and the SPFL."


"SC himself has shown contrition over the incident where he hit UJ and has lived with the wife beater tag for 16 years. At some point everyone needs to be rehabilitated."

It's clear Collymore still hasn't been.

BT Sport, we urge you to no longer employ Stan Collymore on any level, otherwise you will lose subscribers in their droves, making sponsors and advertisers far more likely to stay away from you.

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