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Let's Adopt! has released hidden-camera recordings and footage taken at the Hasdal Rehabilitation Center that expose the brutal treatment and killing of stray dogs in Istanbul.

The images have been uploaded on the group's official Facebook page, ”Let's Adopt! Global”:!/album.php?aid=43518&id=111324518892054

”Brutality in Istanbul Shelters”

”Scandal in Istanbul, Turkey. Massacre uncovered”


For more information on their ongoing campaign, please visit their Facebook page !


Photo credit: Let's Adopt!

Letter to
Mayor Kadir Topbas
Directorate of Veterinary Services
Directorate of Public Relations
and 1 other
Adem Baştürk
I am appalled over the treatment of animals at the Hasdal Rehabilitation Center. Horrifying images and videos have spread over the Internet that reveal the illegal and inhumane treatment of stray dogs in Istanbul. The images have exposed utter cruelty and brutality, with animals being tortured and/or dying at the hands of incompetent shelter workers. Dead bodies have been seen laying at the shelter for hours before they are disposed of. The few who do survive are dumped in the forest, with thousands of dogs now roaming the forests scavenging for food. The deplorable conditions have further been confirmed by individuals who have visited the center.

The activity at the Hasdal Rehabilitation Center is in violation of the Turkish Animal Protection Act of 5199, which aims to ensure that animals are provided a comfortable life and receive good and proper treatment, to protect them in the best manner possible from the infliction of pain, suffering and torture. Under the Animal Protection Act, municipal administrations have the primary responsibility for the welfare of homeless animals. Accordingly, all municipalities are responsible for ensuring the right to life, health and nutrition of all homeless animals that live in their area of jurisdiction, to establish and maintain proper animal shelters and hospitals for the protection of homeless animals, and to provide care and treatment for them. Unfortunately the animal welfare law is not properly enforced. Better welfare must be provided for all homeless animals in Istanbul. The neutering of all homeless animals must be carried out by qualified veterinary surgeons at proper facilities; municipalities are required to neuter and release all animals to where they were taken from. Adequate feeding stations must be set up for homeless animals. All animal cruelty must be punished accordingly.

The suffering of animals at the Municipality shelter and in Istanbul must come to an end. I ask for an immediate intervention and a correct application of the Turkish Animal Protection Act of 5199.


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