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Bruno died last evening in foster care. He couldn't sustain his injuries. While Dr.Tayal - his murderer roams freely. Sign the petition and share it with everyone.


On 15th April 2012 Dr Tayal brutally beat an old and docile community dog with a sharp instrument. (Why was the dog beaten - because he barked at other dogs); This extremely inhuman assault by a doctor of medicine on an innocent, harmless dog cannot be deemed less than an attempt to murder. The dog lay in a pool of his own blood till the local people gathered and took him to a vetinery hospital. We need justice for Bruno. A police complaint has been lodged at Vasant Kunj police station and the F.I.R number is: 95 and lodged with Vasant Kunj Police station on 17th April.

Letter to
Chairman, Medical Council of India Dr K.K Talwar
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Chairman, Medical Council of India.

Revoke the medicle liscence of Dr. Kuldeep K.Tayal, in New Delhi

On 15th April 2012 Dr Tayal brutally beat an old and docile community dog (picture attached) with a sharp instrument. This extremely inhuman assault by a doctor of medicine on an innocent, harmless dog cannot be deemed less than an attempt to murder. The incident occurred in Sector B, Pocket 8, Vasant Kunj , New Delhi, on the staircase of flats 6025 to 6032 . Incidently this dog, Sony/Bruno, who became the victim of this criminal act was barking at some other dogs . This bothered the doctor so he grabbed the poor dog from behind and in front of the entire residents who were taking evening walks and small children who were playing in the park, beat him up at around 5.45 pm .

The dog got extremely scared and ran towards the staircase to save himself and hid. Within minutes Dr Tayal came with a sharp instrument/keys and a muzzle. He muzzled Bruno's mouth and dragged him down the stairs to the ground floor of the building. The most shocking and scandalizing moment happened when the doctor sat on the dog and started stabbing him in his eyes and face (see attached vet's report). The dog bled profusely and defecated out of fear. Young children out playing witnessed this incident and ran in fear and panic. Apparently the doctor's own daughter tried to stop him from committing such a heinous act. It was a horrifying sight with the poor dog's blood all around . It was traumatizing for the children and adults alike who witnessed it. The children went back home and called an ambulance for the dog as he lay in a pool of blood completely unable to move and crying in pain and fear.

Dr Tayal made puncture wounds in the area of the dog's face and caused severe bleeding, evidence of which is still visible on the staircase of Flats 6025 to 6032. Please also see the attached photo and scanned copy of the vet's report.

By attacking the dog not only has Dr Tayal contravened Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and Section 428 of the Indian Penal Code, he has also made himself a source of public nuisance as defined under Section 268 of the Indian Penal Code. Dr. Tayal, by his actions, has caused danger and annoyance to the public, particularly to young impressionable children living in the neighborhood who are reported to have witnessed the act, and are consequently still traumatized and upset.

A doctor by definition is a healer. Can one call this vicious man a doctor then? Should any human trust his/her life to him? Would I? Most certainly not! Neither can he be called an educated man. He is a danger to society. From the investigation and after speaking to his neighbors it has been noted that this is not the first time this has happened . This man has for several years been abusing the dogs that live in the area and are cared for by the community in accordance with a recent Delhi High Court order. By what right did Dr Tayal contravene that order, the Animal Welfare Act and the IPC? He is a violent man and not fit to live amongst decent society. In Vasant Kunj there are people who are scared to let their children go out and play lest they too are thrashed by Tayal.

An FIR against Dr Tayal was lodged at the local police station by some residents of Vasant Kunj and on the insistence of Maj. Gen. R. M. Kharb, Chairperson Animal Welfare Board of India. Scanned copies of the FIR and General Kharb's letter to the SHO are attached. Mrs Maneka Gandhi too is aware of the incident and has taken separate action. Now we request you in the name of humanity to take action against him as well. Help us to get justice for this harmless old dog who has never hurt a soul. He can't speak for himself but from the photograph you will feel his anguish and pain. Revoke this man's license. He's a law breaker, a violent man, and criminals such as he should not be allowed to practise medicine lest they endanger the lives of other living beings.

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