Resignation of Broward County Florida Sheriff Scott Israel

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Broward County Florida Scott Israel has failed to do his job as sheriff of Broward County.  He has failed the families of 17 shooting victims, he has failed the citizens of this country.  Sheriffs are elected and take an oath.  They are supposed to protect and serve.  

Sheriff Israel failed to do the following: 

The sheriff is responsible for oversight and following up with calls.  As well as the actions and inactions of his officers.  

Instead of following up with why deputies were sent to the shooters residence / address 39 times didn’t result in action being taken against the shooter, or investigations completed and reported to him what all happened    He had taken weapons to school and made credible threats of violence.  But no one did anything to the shooter.  The department as a whole failed to identify a dangerous situation. 

The sheriff failed to hire, train, and maintain competent deputies who were capable of obeying their oath to serve and protect.  The deputy on site at the high school where the shooting occurred did not try to protect or save any lives.  This person should have never been hired.  He has since resigned but the fact he didn’t engage the shooter shows the poor quality of people working for the sheriffs department.  Can the citizens of Broward a County trust when they call for assistance that the deputies responding will be able to execute their duties as law enforcement officers, and not from danger? Not coward in the face of danger?  

On news conferences and TV News town halls, he has shown to be incompetent in his abilities to run the Broward a County S.O.   The citizens of Broward County need someone they can depends on to answer their calls for help.  Sheriff Israel and his practices have left 17 children dead, thousands of lives effected, years of hurt and pain to follow.  The information about the deputy failing to uphold his oath and perform his duties, only coming out a week later and making up excuses for the deputy that could have stopped this tragedy, is unacceptable.    The sheriffs department needs a strong courageous leader, who inspires his deputies to be strong and courageous in the face of danger.  This information is only what we have been told, so without a doubt there are more issues than this in the department.  Lets not wait any longer. The people deserve better.  

We as patriotic Americans bind together and demand the immediate resignation of Sheriff Scott Israel of Broward County Florida. We can not allow lackadaisical law enforcement to protect the citizens of this nation.  

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