End period poverty in Australia

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My family moved to Australia when I was very young. Growing up, we were poor and accessing menstrual products was a huge cost we couldn’t afford. Period poverty has deep impacts on the physical and emotional health of women and nobody should have to experience it. Right now, there are over 1 million women and girls in Australia that are living in period poverty and it must end now.

Girls use socks or rolled up toilet paper with underwear left on the floor or in bins while toilets are only accessible at certain times of the day. There is now substantial evidence that COVID-19 has made the situation worse for those who already struggled to afford and source products to manage their periods safely and with dignity.

Although the cost of period products has increased since the start of the pandemic it’s not simply about the extra $4.20 on the grocery bill, but also the added cost of pain medication, additional overnight pads, the limited availability of the cheaper products, and the pressure of ongoing costs during such an uncertain time.

Scotland and New Zealand both have made tampons and pads free in schools. Why aren’t we doing this in Australia? We should have access to free pads and tampons. This move is also important to further normalise menstruation and end the stigma around it.

Please sign and share the petition calling on our Federal Ministers to #EndPeriodPoverty in Australia.