Stop Misdirecting Image of China To The Students of Brock University!!!

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On April 14th, Assistant Professor Cornelius Christian has uploaded a video to his YouTube channel named Gordon G. Chang - Economics in Quarantine (14/04/2020). Afterward, he emailed the link along with his biased comments to all of his students through the ECON 1P91 course announcement email during the final exam period. In this video, he has made numerously biased, provocative and unfounded statements and accusations of China, the Chinese culture and Chinese people. This video has almost nothing to do with Economics but filled with his racially offensive and hatred-provoking conspiracy theory. He has accused China of deliberately spreading the Coronavirus, corrupting the WHO, drastically colonizing Sub-Saharan African countries, none of which are facts but conspiracy theories and rumors at best. He also commented that Han culture – the mainstream Chinese culture resembles the fascist nationalism, and hinted that all Chinese people are racists, which is extremely provocative, offensive and unacceptable. Listed above are only a few of many of his offensive statements in the video. We have had a hard time finishing watching this video as we feel deeply offended and threatened, especially during this difficult time fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.

This video has made a huge impact in the Chinese students’ community in the GTA area and generated lots of discussions. All his current Chinese students, other Chinese students from the university and even Chinese students in the GTA are now aware of this. We all feel deeply offended and emotionally hurt. Not to mention the potential hatred against the Chinese community that can be caused and fused by his public comments, as a university professor. We have all seen on the news how some extremists are attacking random people nowadays merely because they look like Chinese.

As foreign students, we already feel vulnerable and having a difficult time communicating with our domestic peers. Now that our unprofessional professor deliberately pushed these conspiracy theories and his extremely biased opinions to the students, under the label of the course, while they have nothing to do with the course. We are afraid that it will generate a strong anti-Chinese sentiment among the students. It will also create a hostile academic environment at Brock University and bring biases and racism to future teamwork assignments.

I sincerely hope that our voices can be heard and concerns are taken seriously. I finish my formal letter to you with the request for Brock University to suspend Professor Cornelius Christian’s teaching position to maintain a friendly academic environment and protect our personal safety on campus.