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British Government: Halal and Kosher: Enforce the current Legislation regarding the Religious slaughter exemption certificate.

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The exemption certificate 1991 concerning religious slaughter in the UK states clearly for both Halal and Kosher meat, that the slaughter be carried out "for the food of Jews" and too "for the food of Muslims.

The exemption for religious slaughter in Schedule 12 of The Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations 1995 (SI 731) 1995 makes clear that it relates to a method of slaughter for people of that religion, not for everybody:

Slaughter by a religious method

2. In this Schedule references to slaughter by a religious method are references to slaughter without the infliction of unnecessary suffering—

(a)by the Jewish method for the food of Jews by a Jew who holds a licence in accordance with Schedule 1 (which relates to the licensing of slaughtermen) and who is duly licensed—

(i) in England and Wales by the Rabbinical Commission referred to in Part IV of this Schedule; or

(ii) in Scotland by the Chief Rabbi; or

(b)by the Muslim method for the food of Muslims by a Muslim who holds a licence in accordance with Schedule 1.

Currently the law is failing and this exemption condition is being broken. The result is an unfair market advantage for Abottoirs and suppliers selling the Kosher and Halal on the general market, Non-Muslim and Non-Jew consumers in the UK being deprived of the choice to eat meat which most in British culture would determine to be from in humane slaughter practices, a clear breach of British law.

It is well known that all other religions are prohibited by their respective teachings to eat meat slaughtered religiously by another religion and practice. This insult through the failing of our Governments ability to uphold the law is causing more tension across the UK and adding to sectarian pressures which I am sure nobody wants.

There are several options for you as a Government.

1. Enforce the law as it was origionaly intended, meaning religiously slaughtered meat will only be supplied to the respective religious people. Regulated with transparency and clarity for the British consumer.

2. Clearly label all religiously slaughtered meat from suppliers within all places the general public may purchase these goods.

3. Enforce strong penalties for non compliance with the terms laid out within the exemption certificate.

4. Temporarily suspend the operations of religious slaughter within the UK, during which time all religions concerned in Britain can once again be taught where they stand on the compliance of British law.

5. Rescind the exemption and enforce the Animal Welfare Act.

I believe we really need to start looking at the causes creating tension in Britain today and look to understand how the Governments actions, and lack of in this case, can cause ripples all the way throughout the Kingdom.

It is beyond belief that potentially riots, violence and death could come from the Governments lack of enforcing its own laws and seeming to allow some groups of society to break them without justice in any form.


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