Demand national inquiry into child grooming gang scandal

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Girls, majority under age, have suffered at the hands of pedophile grooming gangs across 27 cities in Britain. Recent Police Watchdog IOPC ruled that the investigations into grooming gang cases in Yorkshire and other regions were covered up or shelved due to fears of racism.This was facilitated by the overwhelming fact that majority of the victims belonged to working class white girls and the perpetrators were mostly from minority backgrounds. I , as a minority Muslim woman myself, feel strongly that the law should be exercised equally regardless of one's ethnicity. However, thousands of victims of this industrial scale sexual abuse have been let down by the institutions which meant to care for their well-being. Some of the victims suffered profound and repeated abuse which in some cases lasted years. One of the victims was branded with the name of the rapist to mark the child as his property. She was only 11. This level of failure has led to increased divide between communities. Now we are risking irreparable breakup of already fragile social cohesion by not addressing the issue further. Law and justice should not be left to the hands of extremist groups who are seeking to divide us further. We are all in this together. Therefore,  I demand that the British government launches national inquiry to unearth the institutional level failures and bring to justice all the responsible officials ranging from police, social services and local Councillors. I also demand that we start an open conversation regarding the misogynistic aspect of these crimes. The victims deserve justice even if it is too late for some of them.