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Bristol city We want our Robin back

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The Robin is undoubtedly an icon of Britain featuring on Christmas cards but from 1976 for nearly two decades was along with the Suspension bridge the emblem of Bristol City fc. This period was without doubt the most successful but also turbulent in the clubs history. For a time during this period it seemed City had established themselves in the first division before becoming the first ever team to suffer three successive relegations and occupying bottom spot of the fourth division by early 82.

In the mid nineties the decision was taken to change the clubs emblem back to a crest. Now some ten years and more on this move has still yet to really catch the imagination of fans or even become an instantly identifiable image associated with Bristol City fc. Ask most fans of other fans what is the nickname of Bristol City fc? Instantly it's the Robins. Ask what features on the club badge and the answer is the Robin and Suspension bridge not the crest of Bristol! Even the media constantly use the Robin and Suspension bridge seemingly in the mistaken belief it really is City’s current badge.

There is something unlovable about the Crest. It’s not really ours, Bristol City fc have no greater claim on it than anybody else and parts of the design have indeed been used by Bristol Rovers in the past, also Bristol Rugby club, Gloucester cricket club, The Bristol Car company and the middle part currently looks suspiciously like The Bristol city councils image. The Gas (Bristol Rovers) have as much claim to this badge as we do and we do not need a symbol that represents all of Bristol including Easton, Eastville, Fishponds and Horfield which is historically Bristol Rovers fc territory.

In the Robin and suspension bridge we have the perfect emblem of our club. Here with its Suspension bridge is a celebration of a marvel of architecture which nobody else can lay claim to. Couple this with the Robin a Spirited fierce fighter, willing to battle with rival birds to the death to defend its territory and we have something to be proud of.

This robin works, its simple, instantly recognisable with a perfect balance of red , white and black catching the onlookers attention and remaining in the memory. The Crest simply does not work in the same manner, its fussy, unoriginal, forever tainted with its association with others and the terrible and the repellent stigma pictured .

All supporters groups (including the supporters trust & club)  bare a robin in some form, the club has the nick name the robins and has a mascot of a robin but use the Bristol crest that has no personal identity, we feel it's time for the robins return.

Bring back the Robin!

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