Make Manly Dog Beach official

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The small stretch of beach at the end of Devonport Drive, Manly, QLD is a great spot to take dogs swimming and walking off leash. Approximately 180 m in length, it is secluded and away from roads and houses. The backdrop is an unsightly boat builders yard, fenced with a high, dog wire fence, making it unattractive as a picnic or leisure spot. Locals have used this beach, unofficially, as a dog beach for many years. The spot is perfect as a dog beach, in fact more perfect than the closest official dog beach in Cleveland, 20 minutes away, that is far more open, close to homes and roads, with an increased chance of escape and injury. Unfortunately, council sees fit to make it their business to fine people for letting their dogs off leash, making use of the Manly area that is unfit for any other purpose.

Please add your name to the petition and let's get Manly Dog Beach the official off leash stamp of approval so that it can be enjoyed by dogs and their owners.