Bring pregnant Zaynab Sharrouf and her siblings back to Australia.

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Zaynab is a young Australian woman trapped in a Syrian refugee camp. She is heavily pregnant, injured, malnourished, and in desperate need of medical care.

I am calling on the Australian government to immediately allow Zaynab to return to Australia, along with her two siblings and her two young children. 

Their father was an infamous Islamic State terrorist who took Zaynab and her siblings to Syria and married her off when she was just 13 years old. Her father and mother are both now dead, leaving Zaynab and her young family alone and defenceless in a squalid refugee camp.

These children are being held accountable by the Australian Government for the crimes of their father. Zaynab's maternal grandmother, Karen Nettleton, has flown to Syria to do all she can to bring her family home. 

I'm calling on the Australian government and Prime Minister Scott Morrison to urgently expedite the repatriation of these young people.

Surely anyone can see this is unjust and immoral. These children are innocent, Australian citizens, victims of a terrible war. 

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