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UPDATE: OILiNEX has been APPROVED for use by the EPA. See the official letter here:!/photo.php?pid=874419&id=1615038196

With disgust mounting about the situation in the gulf we decided to take matters into our own hands.  The result is far more effective than even we could have predicted.  We developed the OILiNEX Surf Soaker Booms and Topical Solution to both contain and absorb surface oil in a way that is eco friendly and produces ZERO WASTE.

OILiNEX is the fastest, safest, most efficient tool to use in the front lines in the fight against the spill in the gulf, as well as any future incident we may be faced with.

Please sign the petition to show your support for OILiNEX, and demand that elected officials consider OILiNEX as a reliable option to assist in surface oil absorption, containment, and clean up in a way that is eco friendly and produces ZERO WASTE.

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