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In August Cesar was pulled over for a basic traffic violation. Instead of a ticket he was arrested and charged with driving without a license. Cesar has been in detention since.

Make a Phone Call Now

1. Call DC ICE – John Morton (202.732.3000)

Sample Script: "Hi, I was calling to urge you to set bond for DREAM Act Eligible student Cesar Montoya (A#200-297-690). Cesar has been living here for most of his life and deserves to stay in the U.S. with his family and friends. He is DREAM eligible and considers the U.S. his home. Set bond for Cesar Montoya."

Letter to
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE
Director, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement John T. Morton
Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano
and 2 others
Senator Dick Durbin
Representative John Conyers
I am writing to request that you set bond for DREAM Act-Eligible student Cesar Adan Hernandez Montoya (A# 200 297 690) so he can be with his family while he fights his deportation.

Cesar was brought to this country almost ten years ago and has been living in Sturgis, Michigan ever since. Now 24, Cesar is a dedicated and productive member of his community. Despite having their overwhelming support, Cesar finds himself fighting his deportation to Mexico, a country he no longer considers his home.

On August 21st, Cesar was pulled over by the police over a minor traffic violation. After finding out his immigration status, the police officer arrested and detained Cesar. He has been in detention for almost a month now, waiting to be deported to a place he no longer remembers. Every day that Cesar wakes up in detention signifies a loss for his family and his community. Cesar cannot fathom the idea of leaving his parents and younger sister behind. He dreams of the day he can return back to his family and community in Michigan.

Cesar is an outstanding student. He attended Sturgis High School and received many awards for his academic involvement. He faced many obstacles but he made every effort to make it in school, going to classes in the morning and taking English as a Second Language classes in the afternoons. His hard work paid off as he was recognized for his academic achievement when he obtained his high school diploma in 2010.

Cesar is also an active member of his church, Holy Angel Parish where is known as a great role model to the young members of his community. Cesar loves music, playing soccer, and has big plans for his future. Cesar knows his family works hard to make an honest life for themselves and he wants nothing more than to contribute to society. If he is deported, however, he will be separated from everything that he loves and won’t be able to fulfill his dreams.

Cesar would qualify for the DREAM Act, a narrowly tailored bill that majorities in both the House and Senate voted to support this past December. Both President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano have stated that DREAM Act eligible youth are not a priority for deportation. In a recent announcement, Secretary Napolitano stated new guidelines for Prosecutorial Discretion. According to these guidelines, Cesar is not deemed a priority for removal by DHS and merits a favorable exercise of discretion.

Cesar exemplifies what it means to be an American and should be allowed to stay in the U.S. to live his American Dream. Cesar has big dreams of going to college so he can continue to be a role model and mentor to young kids in his community. Please help keep Cesar in the country with his family and supportive community.

I urge you to set bond for Cesar Adan Hernandez Montoya.


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