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Bring Alex Lambert BACK on American Idol



Hi Everyone,

As most of you already know, the hard work on this petition has paid off in a very big way! 19 Entertainment was impressed with Alex's quickly growing fan base, and decided to give him another chance by bringing him on Simon Fuller's new show, "If I Can Dream".   The show will document the authentic story of young people who dream of success in Hollywood, revealing every moment of triumph and struggle along the way. It will allow viewers to interact with the individuals and the narrative in real time. Watch every move live online as they rehearse, write, socialize and plan their careers.

What does this mean for YOU?
To put it simply... all Alex, all the time.

This is not just an amazing opportunity for Alex to meet the right people, get the right direction, and make his dream finally happen...but it's also an opportunity to get you all involved as well because you can watch every step as it happens! This is basically everything you've been wanting for Alex, all wrapped up in one show.

It's gonna be huge :) 
Alex Lambert is BACK!

Tune in to tonight at 6pm PT, and watch live as Alex moves in to the house.
PLUS, there will be a live Twitter session scheduled with Alex tonight at 8pm PT.
Fans can tweet in questions and comments... and don't forget to make sure you include the #iicdhouse handle in your tweets!



Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone for the support and backing over the last few weeks. I read every email, and I'm still trying to respond to many... but I want you all to know that this is an AMAZING thing that we all accomplished. I'm beyond grateful to have made such an impact with all of you in this together! Thank you :)


All twitter peeps -

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Watch "If I Can Dream" Live -

CELL: 215-834-7347


Examiner Article -

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Friends of Alex's mom made this video for him and sent it to me (thanks Sharon!).
You all should see this... I was smiling the entire time, SO proud that I decided to make this petition, and humbled by how many people are behind him.

Watch the vid, you'll love it.
He's adorable.



Letter to
Randy Jackson
Simon Cowell
and 7 others
Ken Warwick
19 Entertainment
Fremantle Media
The Ellen Degeneres Show
American Idol
Ryan Seacrest
Kara DioGuardi
After much deliberation, we've taken into account everything that has since been brought to light, and we've been going about this the wrong way.

We would appreciate your acknowledgment of the following new demands.

The petition has now reached over 18,000 signatures and is continuing to still rise. It's not about who on the show is with or without talent. It's about who has such an obvious "it" factor, something undeniably special, that we're willing to stand up and fight for him. We also want to make it clear that, contrary to popular belief, we actually are fans of the American Idol show. We strongly feel this is also why there has been such backlash against AI and Fox in general. America expects more from such a largely successful show, and that's why having witnessed what happened in the last couple of weeks, there has been such outrage.

That said, please review:

I - We want Fox to acknowledge that 18,000 AI viewer signatures is a large enough viewer sample size, to accurately gauge the feelings and opinions of AI's 22 million viewers. After all, Neilson uses only 25,000 to accurately gauge the viewing habits of over 100 million Americans.

II - We want AI to admit their producer unfairly swayed Alex's decision not to perform the song he was most comfortable with, and best portrayed who he was as an artist. It was more appealing to voter demographic, and in line with his most popular performance; his cover of Legends "Everybody Knows". After watching his appearance on Ellen, it is clear, this placed him at competitive disadvantage, as it cheated him out of:
A.)appealing to his voting demographic, and sending them a clear message as to where his voice fits in their music.
B.)giving the performance that the Judges criticized him for not giving
C.)millions of viewers were cheated out of the opportunity to learn more about him and his gift, and watch his confidence and performances develop

We want Fox and 19 Entertainment to put right, this producers wrong doing. We'd like Alex brought back to take his universally agreed, deserved and earned, place in the top 12.

We are aware this may no longer be possible, as tomorrow is Tuesday, but there is something that CAN still be done.

Therefore, we propose the following:

During this week's results show, there will obviously be a possible save. The judges can use the save, therefore keeping the Top 11 stagnant, everyone remains happy, etc... and THEN, in the SAME SHOW, introduce the option of wild card that will start up the following week, bringing America a NEW Top 12. We're not asking Alex be brought back as if he was never eliminated to begin with. To be fair, AI should have viewers call in to vote on who they'd want back for a wild card. That way, the viewers who are currently unaware of the petition will know what has been going on so it isn't simply a "here's Alex, welcome back" issue that has everyone confused, and it also remains fair to the other contestants that were voted off with him, giving everyone an equal opportunity.

We all know that AI loves to infuse random twists. If you just did a save, it would not be a twist. Everyone knows about it, so they're expecting it now. TV works to outdo itself though, ESPECIALLY that of a reality show. There is always something unexpected. Bringing back a contestant, RANDOMLY, would be a HUGE twist, and even people that weren't fans of Alex when he was on, would still tune in for it, because its interesting. It's why the rules change each year, because it is INTERESTING. Some people might argue that Alex's fan base is too big, so its unfair. But that's the POINT. If he has a huge fan base, everyone that likes the other contestants will NOW need to fight for their idol to stay on the show. That means, more viewers, more voting, more interaction with the show, virally and everything else... equaling A SOAR IN RATINGS.

A week or 2 off without Alex, like it has been, and then BAM he's back on, just IMAGINE the ITUNES sales, on top of everything else. The statistics concluded that last week had lower viewings and ratings by MILLIONS. The second you announce "a twist" or Ryan says something to grab every one's attention, VIEWING dramatically skyrockets. On top of that, American Idol would once again regain its credibility and faith of the viewers who make it so successful to begin with.

III - Halt the practice of swaying these kids and young adults decisions by informing them as to which songs will get more votes. ex ("if you do this song, you'll get more votes".) As well as, discouraging them from performing songs not well known. Songs do not get votes. The artist does, based on talent, how comfortable they are with the music, and whether that translates, and appeals to their audience. Instead, enact a policy of helping develop good judgment, while keeping decisions wholly and completely all their own. Somewhere along the lines of simply describing their particular voter demographic. Let them decide based on that, which song they feel comfortable with, and speaks to their audience, while portraying who they are, then help them vocally make the most out of their choice! This ensures the decision is wholly their own, and the criticism and ousting is justified. Continuing the current policy hurts the show's credibility, arouses suspicions of sabotage, alternative motives, and most importantly harms the artist's chances at fairly earning their record contract.

At the suggestion of the above, something CAN BE DONE. It would also leave enough time, fairly, for the wild card contestant to get in rehearsal and preparation.

We do not want to have an all out war with Fox, that is not what this is about.
We do expect, however, that this suggestion be taken seriously... because everyone would win out. You would get the ratings, we would get the most amazing show Idol has ever been... Twist it up. Shock us. Do what it is that you do best. At this point you would practically be seen as HEROES for actually hearing what we are asking, and taking action to make it happen.
Based on the ratings this season... the smartest business move you could possibly make, is listening to America.

American Idol is based on what America wants.

This is what America wants.

Jessica Bongiorno

[Including the undersigned]

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