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Pole Fitness to be part of Takepart 2015

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Pole fitness is an incredible form of exercise that works the whole body and requires challenging feats of strength, fitness and flexibility. There is a large and growing community of people all over the world of all ages, genders and body types practicing pole fitness from beginner to professional level.


For over a decade, the pole fitness community has worked hard to shift the perception of pole dancing as ‘seedy’ and an activity that only takes place in adult entertainment venues, and to demonstrate that pole dancing can be a non-sexual sport and performance art that displays talent, dedication and physical strength.


A driving force in this has been national and international competitions with strict rules regarding clothing, dance moves and doping, as well as the thousands of pole schools all over the country working hard to expose as many people as possible to what pole fitness is all about and to change preconceptions about the sport. Anyone who has experienced a pole fitness class or watched some of the incredible competition performances will quickly see that this is a serious sport far removed from the dancing that takes place in adult venues.


Brighton Council’s decision to reject pole fitness as an activity in the TAKEPART 2015 festival due to a fear of reputational damage demonstrates an astonishingly narrow minded attitude towards a sport that is becoming increasingly mainstream. It is especially surprising that this view is being expressed by the council of one of the country’s most liberal, cosmopolitan and tolerant cities, and it is disappointing to see this response from those who are in a position to help our community change negative perceptions of the sport we love.


Including pole fitness in events like these is exactly the kind of thing needed to help improve the perception of pole fitness, and the council should seize the opportunity to help promote what is an enjoyable and effective form of exercise with a very supportive and active community, so that others can benefit from it – especially those who may be less inclined to take part in more ‘traditional’ sports.


We urge Brighton Council to reconsider and allow pole fitness to be represented at TAKEPART 2015 in order that many more people can discover the enjoyment and benefits of the sport. Please sign this petition to show your support and to help us fight against these negative misconceptions about the sport we, and thousands of others, love.

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