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Bridgend LEA: Give Ashley the care she needs so she can go back to school

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Ashley is only six years old and all she wants is to go to school to learn and play with her friends. However, local authority cuts mean that vital care and support at school for Ashley has been withdrawn by the council.

I am a full-time carer of my daughter Ashley, who has has spina bifida & Hydrocephalus, and her disabled brother.

Due to Ashley’s intense needs she requires a teaching assistant to support her throughout the day. The cuts mean that the support assistant at her Primary School would no longer be helping her with catheters or regularly lifting her out of her chair to take part in lessons and prevent pressure sores. All of this means that we have no choice but to withdraw Ashley from school to ensure she will be properly looked after.

To make matters worse, my daughter’s welfare and education is being risked because of a long-running dispute between the unions and council about job remits and pay. Key staff have now left the school as a result meaning the school no longer has the capacity to provide the support my daughter needs. 

Before I can return my daughter to this school we need proper support in place and written assurance that this won’t happen again as it has done in the past.

The council should be putting measures in place to ensure that children like Ashley are not caught up in employment rows.

Please help us to get our girl back to school.

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