Stop NY States attempt to Ban youth tackle football

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The citizens of New York are facing a bill proposal that will Ban youth tackle football in all of New York state. If we allow this we will be taking away an amazing sport from our children.  Football teaches our youth so many great lessons.  Teamwork,  Determination,  sacrifice,  work ethic,  sportsmanship and so much more. Studies show that concussions do not just occur in football.  They can happen in any sport/activity.  In fact soccer and cycling have the 2 highest rates of concussions.  Youth football teaches kids proper techniques that they will carry with them throughout their career and will lower the chances of injury as they move up in football. Secondly we must not allow our government to dictate to us as parents what choices we can make. That is our right, and if we allow them to take that away what is next? We as parents must be allowed to gather as much information as possible and be allowed to make the choices we see fit for our children.  DO NOT let New York state take away our rights. It is time to take a stand and show our government that we will not allow this. Please sign the petition and let's stand together as one large strong NY football family!!!