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Carry the Samsung Galaxy Note a.k.a. Galaxy Journal


Verizon Wireless has been groundbreaking in almost every respect, from outstanding customer service, to bringing Android to the masses, to being the first to offer cutting-edge LTE service. But competitors are catching up; AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are all getting variations of LTE and OEMs are not playing favorites with regard to new devices. The Samsung Galaxy Note currently on AT&T is the next level of smartphone. With a 5.3" screen and the capabilities of both a top-tier smartphone as well as a small tablet (a tablet size that isn't currently represented in VZW's lineup, by the way), it's like nothing else out there. We the undersigned believe this device represents an overlooked market and a crucial opportunity, and we feel that VZW should capitalize on this opportunity by bringing the Galaxy Note (or Galaxy Journal, as it may be called) to store shelves with the big red V on it. Sprint's customers are looking for it too; don't be left behind on this one.

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