Save Dufferin Tennis Club

Save Dufferin Tennis Club

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Autumn Ladouceur started this petition to Brantford City Council

A group of Brantford citizens in 1910 asked the Province of Ontario to donate a portion of the W. Ross McDonald School for a sports park. It was approved and tennis was added in 1912. A clubhouse was built for both tennis and lawn bowling, a not for profit club was formed and the Dufferin Tennis Club was born.

An agreement was made with the City of Brantford for a nominal yearly lease. Club membership fees would cover most of the expenses including maintenance, utilities, wages for staff with the City of Brantford covering the odd capital expense items such as a leaky roof.

For over 100 years members have enjoyed organized tennis activities like round-robin tennis, tournament play, social events, tennis instruction and tennis camps for kids. 

In 1972, a new Clubhouse was built to replace the old one mostly paid for by membership fundraisers.

In 2017, Parks and Recreation took over club management and was awarded $68,000.00 a season for management fees from the City of Brantford.

Since then we have had to fight for the club. That year it was proposed by Parks and Recreation at a meeting that the park could be sold for development. This was successfully fought off by a petition started by members of the Club and neighbours.

We're asking for your help again. 

Parks and Recreation is planning once again to tear down our clubhouse, remove the courts and replace it with a smaller tennis area, no clubhouse and a new park.

No clubhouse means no organized tennis activity. No longer will we have a greenspace where members of the community and their children can gather, learn, grow and enjoy the sport of tennis as they have for the past 100 years. 

We hope you'll sign this petition to ask Brantford City Council to instead use the budget to rebuild our clubhouse, making it accessible for members of the community with disabilities, and repair our courts.

There are already $400,000 in funds that were earmarked for Dufferin Club upgrades by City council. Building a new park would cost close to 3 million in taxpayers money. 

Let's show Brantford City Council that what we want is a revitalized Dufferin Tennis Club that will offer an even higher quality tennis experience.

Let's save this symbol of Brantford community and heritage.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!